Finding good quality content to share on social media can take lots of time and effort. There are many tools out there that help you with the process, but we just came across Quuu, and its awesome!

Content curating tools out there right now show you content that is filtered by category, engagement, and more. It may have sufficiently satisfied your need for collecting content to share on social media, yet it doesn’t equate to Quuu’s hand curated content that they offer.

What is Quuu?

It’s a free tool, that not only hand curates content for your social media, but also automatically adds it to your Buffer queue! No machines are involved in the process of curating. All the content is selected by Quuurators, which are people who are experts in their field. You also get to choose how many posts a day you want Quuu to add to your Buffer and from what category you want your posts to come from.

Benefit of Using All 3 Tools

Having full integration with Buffer, Quuu transforms content curating and social media marketing into an easy seamless process. With Start A Fire also integrated with Buffer, it makes all three tools (Start A Fire, Buffer, and Quuu) a great combination for automating content curating on social media. Not only will you have your branded Start A Fire badge helping you direct traffic back to you, but you will also be receiving quality content directly to your Buffer.