Building a Slack serverless bot with Google Apps Script and Spreadsheets

The Bot

  • help: shows the list of available commands
  • list: shows the list of available and busy servers
  • take <server_name> <reason>: marks the server as taken by you
  • leave <server_name>: marks the server as available
  • create <server_name>: adds a new server
  • remove <server_name>: removes an existing server
  • rename <old_server_name> <new_server_name>: renames a server

Alternative #1: Self-hosted bot. Nope

Alternative #2: A serverless bot? YES!

The Recipe

  • 1x Slack incoming webhook
  • 1x Slack outgoing webhook
  • 1x Google Spreadsheet
  • 1x Google Apps Script



Blurry area corresponds to the ID of the spreadsheet that you should copy.

Set up Slack incoming webhook


function doPost(e){
var commandReceived = e.parameter["text"];

if (commandReceived.match(/help/)) showHelp();
if (commandReceived.match(/list/)) listStaging();
if (commandReceived.match(/take/)) take(e);
if (commandReceived.match(/leave/)) leave(e);
if (commandReceived.match(/create/)) create(e);
if (commandReceived.match(/remove/)) remove(e);
if (commandReceived.match(/rename/)) rename(e);

Set up Slack outgoing webhook

  • Channel: The channel we’ll send commands from.
  • Trigger Word(s): !staging
  • URL(s): The URL generated Google Apps Scripts in the last step.


Working example of Google Apps Script and Slack integration




Web developer who from time to time writes about Elixir, Javascript, Elm and other stuff

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Victor Viruete

Victor Viruete

Web developer who from time to time writes about Elixir, Javascript, Elm and other stuff

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