A humble beginning and why I hope you enjoy this new adventure too

I’ve had a hard time getting around to launch my blog. I’ve even had a hard time designing what is worth doing, what is worth sharing and in what language [English + Spanish].

My name is Horacio Coutiño and I currently live in Mexico City. I’m 29 and have worked in different fields of Finance: from Microfinance in Chiapas (a southern state in Mexico) to Wealth Management in Toronto, Canada. I find conversations about financial markets, economic events and its effects on investments fascinating. I like playing with numbers too.

My last position entailed supervising the global equity strategy at Mexico’s State Pension Fund and I enjoyed having access to research from global firms and keeping in touch with analysts from all over the World. I did notice though, that working for the government also entailed certain constraint in the creativity that could better communicate our analysis and strategy and I have come to the conclusion that restraining creativity is, at best, counterproductive.

What do you do when you have that inner desire to do things differently?

Enter the genesis of Mexico runs for Boston. It is my very first attempt to share my insights, analysis and opinion on financial markets and economic events. Why? I believe it’s important to get out there, to join the conversation and add value — together. I want to own my voice. I want to reclaim the possibility of expressing different ideas in a way that is truthful and genuine. I recognise the value of producing and frequently sharing content that strengthens the compass of our insight, it is of outmost importance in the design of any investment strategy.

I guess fear can be traduced into paralysis sometimes: fear of others evaluating your effort, fear of rejection, fear of failure — yet I am tired of paralysis, I am absolutely worn out of it. I intend to channel my energy and do great work. No matter the outcome, I’m fully invested in the process.

What’s with the name?

Why name a blog dedicated to investments, economic events and market trends as Mexico runs for Boston? It’s personal. I want to appeal to a very powerful moment that inspired me a couple of years ago to go where I thought was impossible. One that allowed me to feel my purpose as I thrived.

I also find diverse common places between working in asset management and running — or, for that matter — different physical activities. I find that a strong work ethic coupled with discipline and an unyielding desire to learn are assets in both fields, investment management and leading a healthy lifestyle and I want to emphasise the importance of the hunger to constantly learn and embrace new knowledge and techniques, since its role is often underestimated in the performance of both athletes and asset managers: without an open [unlocked] character to learn and adapt, to own our mistakes and [again] learn from them, without a humble eagerness to improve and outdo yourself everyday — that openness to recognise that at any given moment you can learn from sources you didn’t expect — that sharpness is critical to improve performance in either asset management or fitness.


Some questions remain unanswered: What will be the frequency and timing of my posts? Will I be any good? Can my work add something of value to the relentless conversation about financial markets and asset management? Can I create content in a fashion that is both compelling and rich in its analysis? I come to you not with a request, but rather a pledge: I’ll do my best to provide meaningful analysis and insights based on my experience and knowledge while remaining devoted to the truth, in a non bs manner. When publishing my own work, I’ll aspire to the highest standards and I am eager to learn from you too.

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