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Jun 4 · 5 min read
Hora Token — ERC20

With great gaming tactics come great Hora (ERC20) Tokens! The time has come to let all of you, our dear players, know that the Hora Token withdraw option is now officially live! From this day forward, as long as you are ranked on the leaderboard, you will get a certain number of tokens determined by your leaderboard rankings on weekly basis. With this news, we’re officially ending Season 0, and Season 1 is beginning. More about the token distribution system can be read here: Leaderboard And Hora Token distribution system All players that are meeting the criteria for token distribution will be able to withdraw once per week, all or some of the tokens, which is entirely up to the players themselves. The withdraw panel is located in the User Profile popup within the game, under the Withdraw button. The withdraw panel is composed of the following elements:

Token Balance and Pending Withdrawals:

  • Token Balance is the current balance you have appointed to your account.
  • Pending Withdrawals are withdraws that are stored in our database as pending requests, which will be fulfilled once a week.

Withdraw options:

  • To Ethereum wallet
  • To FaucetHub account (coming soon)

Ethereum Address:

  • This is where you input an Ethereum Wallet address. Keep in mind, all Ethereum wallet addresses follow the same generative pattern, beginning with 0x, following the address hash (ex. 0x949929CecB99aD2d350506a11e3e9e143c3f36f7).

Withdraw amount:

  • You may choose if you want to withdraw all of the Tokens allocated to your account, or keep some on your profile for future withdrawals. Minimal withdraw amount of the tokens is 100.

Transaction info:

  • This is where your previous transaction will be listed, as well as transaction currently undergoing the verification process, meaning you can check the status of your undergoing transaction on the network as well. Once the transaction’s verified, the info panel will be updated accordingly.

Now that we’ve went over the basics of the in-game dialogue, it’s time to get a bit technical, and help all of you out as much as we can in the initial setup of your respective wallets. First of all, since this is a custom Ethereum chain Token, they can only be withdrawn into Ethereum wallets that support custom tokens. We’ll go over a few PC and Mobile options:


Enjin Wallet — One of the most intuitive and well thought out mobile wallet, with a really easy, beginner friendly UI , and a bunch of extra features for advanced users.

  • Once in the wallet main page, hit the + button in the top bar.
  • The Token selection screen will appear, and on the top-most spot will be an Add Custom Token button.
  • Once in the Add Token window, input the:

1. Contract Address: (WILL BE ADDED IN NEXT 24h)

2. Token Symbol: HORA

  • Once finished, Hora Token should now be listed in the wallet list, and you can withdraw your assets to that wallet address.
How to add Hora Token in Enjin Wallet

Trust Wallet — A really simple and effective wallet, supporting custom Ethereum tokens, as well as different chain cryptocurrency.

  • Once in the main wallet page, hit the + button in the top right corner
  • This will take you to the list of all available cryptocurrencies supported by the wallet
  • Tap the + button again, this will take you to the Add Custom Token page
  • Add in the following parameters:
  1. Network: Ethereum
  2. Contract Address: (WILL BE ADDED IN NEXT 24h)
  3. Name: Hora Token
  4. Symbol: HORA
  5. Decimals: 18
  • Once you’ve filled all the required fields, hit the Done button in the top right corner
  • Your Trust Wallet should now support Hora Tokens, and you can withdraw to the corresponding Ethereum address, by accessing the Hora Token dialogue from the main page, and hitting the Deposit button. There you’ll find your address.
How to add Hora Token in Trust Wallet


  • In the Menu tab (left top icon in the dialogue, three parallel lines), under the Don’t see your tokens? text, hit the Add Token button.
  • Once in the Add Tokens panel, go to Custom Token tab.
  • Add in the following parameters:
  1. Token Contract Address: (WILL BE ADDED IN NEXT 24h)
  2. Token Symbol: HORA
  3. Decimals of Precision: 18
  • Once you’ve inputted everything in their respective field, hit Next
  • Hora Token should now be listed in your portfolio, and you’ll receive accurate info of your current balance once you’ve withdrawn your first batch of allocated tokens.
How to add Hora Token in MetaMask Wallet

We’ve went over some of the wallets that are supporting custom Ethereum tokens, however, keep in mind, there is a lot of different options for wallets, both PC, Mobile as well as Hardware and paper wallets which can receive custom Ethereum tokens, however, we won’t go over them in this guide, there’s plenty of information online as is.

If you have any questions or help with the withdrawal process of Hora Tokens, feel free to contact as at our official Discord/Telegram channels or send us an email to: support@horagames.com

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