How did it start?

Back in the days, when the USA president was Barack Obama and Pokémon was just a card game we got a revolutionary idea to transform my lovely game Tony Hawk Po Skater from the PC screens to the real skateparks. Sounds cheesy, right? :D

I don't know how, but we had this idea stuck in our heads for much longer than average silly idea. We tried many ways how to get rid of this idea, but even prohibition of the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater wasn't enough. So we tried to find more effective way. Yeaaah, we did drugs…

Since the only drug that we found was an alcohol, we bought a couple of beers to finally forget. Surprisingly, the result was even worse. After hangover we started reading articles on that topic and we found a JIC Startup Accelerator where you can test your startup idea and find out if it is trash or not. So we signed up and somehow got selected to the second round. Selected to top 30 teams from 179 teams from the whole Europe How? I have no idea :D Probably somebody from this accelerator likes skateboarding otherwise I have no clue why they picked us.

In the second round we had to pass 10 hour workshop where we we had to pitch our idea. It was definitely the worst 2 minutes of my life and afterwards we had a lot of exercises to test our motivation to work on the project, business plan and how deeply did we think it out. It was really hilarious because we had no idea what business plan is. And the whole day was mainly about improvisation because they asked so many questions that we did't talked about before and they expect you to react quickly and explain things as simply as possible. Try to answer these lovely questions without long thinking.

How is your project different?
What problem are you really solving?
Is your revenue model scalable? How?

Everyone was super serious about their project and everyone was so sure that their project is the one that is going to change the world. On top of that a lot of these people already had an experience with starting a business. And in between these people were bunch of geeky skaters that wanted to get their idea destroyed and have a little bit of fun.

The hell day…

After this hell day we went home exhausted hoping for the best. And best happened again. I don't know how or why, but after a week we got an email that we were selected to top 9 teams and that we have to go to a bootcamp that is happening next week if we want to be part of this program.

And that's how we came up with the idea of FOSH.

To be continued …
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