Slow the FORK down!

I admit, I stole this title from a good friend of mine who wrote an article about the importance of eating slowly. But in my mind, as soon as I saw this I was like, yeaaah, I should slow the fuck down! Sorry, the fork down!

We want things to happen fast. The faster, the better. Except sex. But with everything else, instant gratification if possible. The problem is, as Simon Sinek puts it, some things don’t have any shortcuts. And personal development is one of those things. You don’t just decide one day, that’s it, in 3 months I’m gonna be a better person, and in 1 year I’ll be happy. It’s a slooooow, tedious, and sometimes painful process. But that’s fine! That’s how it’s supposed to be.

I’m so fucking sick and tired of this constant pressure to be the best version of ourselves, to work hard, to dedicate ourselves to something, because no one ever succeeded without working their ass off. Yes! I can believe that. And it might work out great for a lot of people. But for others, it might fucking kill them!

Today we are constantly bombarded, day in, day out, with so many things we need to do, need to solve, need to think about, need to watch out for, need to go to, need to, need to, need to. What we NEED is to learn to slow the fuck down! Take 30 minutes to do nothing, think about ourselves and get in touch with our life and our emotions. Take 30 minutes to stop on the street and stare, as strange as that will seem to others. The lessons we learn from past experiences and emotions are the most valuable we’re ever gonna get. If we never slow down, we’ll constantly run around like a bunch of stressed chickens.

By all means, work hard, find your passion, but when things get stressful, slow down, because otherwise you’re only harming yourself. The problem is with the balance of things, not with the separate actions. And no one ever is gonna be able to tell you where that balance is for you.

From my personal experience, some of the best things happen when, against all instincts, you make a rational decision to take a break. Somehow, it was easier for me to suddenly figure things out. Everything made more sense. It’s just like when you lose control of a car and it starts to turn sideways. All your instincts might scream for you to touch the break, but that’s the single worst thing you can do. Instead, keep cool, no sudden movements, just slowly go with it and find the natural flow, because that car wants to go forward, it doesn’t want to spin around.