From zero to junior front-end developer

How you too can maximize your chances of landing your first job

Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

In 2020, the pandemic does not allow me to renew my work contract, I find myself at home in front of my computer wondering what I will do with my life.
That’s when I decide to turn a childhood dream into reality

In 2021, I graduated thanks to a 9 months training to obtain the title of web developer but the road is still long because my level is too low technically compared to market standards

So I decided to put all the chances on my side by

Not stopping to code

Since the end of my training, I haven’t stopped coding to keep up my skills
I realized different projects in different languages, with different technologies and what made me stand out the most during my interview is a video game realized during a game-jam

You may as well register on sites like CodinGame, HackerRank and try to solve some problems to train yourself

Keeping an eye on technology

Thanks to Medium and other different media, I was able to constantly monitor different topics related to technology.
This can help you decide on a technology or even allow you to bounce back if the conversation is right for it during the interview.

Making a study of the jobs in high demand in my area

Studying the different job offers in your area, there are surely some technologies that stand out more than others, focus your learning on those

Monitoring job offers on LinkedIn and other platforms

This is what allowed me to be aware of the latest job offers by receiving alerts based on a keyword representing the technology or the term “junior”.

Try to find startups, you will have more chances to land your first interview

Specializing in front-end

It may sound subjective when you say it like that but I think that specializing in front-end as a junior developer is the best thing to do.

When you start, you need to understand and especially to see what's going on.
Specializing in the front-end allows you to understand little step by little step the different aspects of programming and as time goes by, to understand more or less all the workings of it

This is also where you realize that the front-end is not so easy

Preparing my interview

Know how to introduce yourself in more or less 10 minutes, introduce yourself, your age, what you have done in life before, what you are looking for today, and so on.
By taking the time to introduce yourself, you show that you are at ease with your interviewer(s), encouraging him/her to create a conversation and to leave the context of the ordinary job interview for a few moments.

Not being discouraged

The impostor syndrome can come knocking at your door at any time, don’t hesitate to take a break, to talk about it around you or to listen to the people around you who motivate you

Your willpower is your driving force, it is what will differentiate you from the other candidates

This behavior that I adopted allowed me to get my first job as a front-end developer.
I hope that these tips will be of great help to you and will allow you to find your very first job!



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