Achieving Greater Impact through Systems and Platforms
WEF Global Futures Council on Platforms & Systems

This is a very interesting article that resonates with my thinking, work experience, and vision about the development of the Open Connected Systems that generate experiences and / or enable experience generation by their users, and determine economic and social impact.

To enable connection, operation, growth and development, systems need to be based on platforms, enabling users to reach their objectives and give life to the system. Actually, I believe that the purposes, desires, passions, and the experiences that resonate with the users, represent that magnets that attract and keep them together. Moreover, the way they feel while interacting / operating crucial to the growth and development of the system. If they feel good / great they stay with the system and share their impressions with others, and so helping to the growth and development of the system. In this way the system becomes a community, and its users become members. Its evolution depends on capacity of the system to follow and anticipate the desires and needs of its users and to enable them to reach their destinations, while having a great experiences. Keeping them feeling good / great is the secret sauce of the connection, retention, growth and development.

I also see the enterprises as co-creative communities that partners with their members (customers, partners, employees) to Create Grow Develop and Contribute, together. In this respect, I believe that the current large companies, like banks, stock exchanges, utilities, telecom firms, have a great short-term opportunity to transform into development ecosystems that enable their customers to reach their long-term destinations. It is short-term because, there are other systems / experience generators that emerge and that provide those kind of user and customer experiences that the users were expected or dreaming about, and that will connect with, and leaving the current large firms with no business.

I believe that developing the Internet of Humans, formed by connected purposeful systems, that generate great experiences for its users, is the next challenge for our generation.

Speaking of our next challenge, I would be very happy to bring my contribution to the development of the Council’s projects related to the intentional systems.

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