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How a person behaves depends on various factors and is therefore difficult to predict. However, with innovative product ideas, this is precisely the art: to be able to say how the user will react to the finished product even before complex product development.

User centricity, validation, and prototyping — these elements are part of digital product development and are central to our work at Candylabs. To ensure that innovative ideas turn into even more successful products, we share our insights in the blog series “The Psychology of User-Centered Innovation”. …

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We are super happy and proud to welcome Nikara in our team! Nikara is experienced in digital business development, used to work for Vodafone in New Zealand and will support the further growth of Horizon in DACH and US. Please, feel free to get in touch with our first ever Kiwi. Kia Ora, Nikara ;)

I was born in South Africa and moved to New Zealand when I was 5 years old with my family. I started my passion for business development in High School at 16, when I participated in something called the ‘Young Enterprise Scheme’ as part of business studies. After creating products like candy floss and ‘unique flavours of fudge’ (which were delicious, might I add) and gaining momentum of developing a business from the ground up, I found myself very motivated and passionate on the topic. …

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Some products come out of nowhere and become box-office hits, while others, despite great advance praise and extensive advertising, turn out to be absolute flops. In order to avoid the second scenario as much as possible, companies are keen to assess the potential success of a new product in advance. Popular methods are surveys or product tests that reflect the opinions of the respondents. However, it would be fatal to derive a buying interest from this.

Why? Because the actual behavior — whether I buy a product or not — can differ greatly from the opinion that was formulated at some point in a test situation. The decision for a possibly high investment to develop a new product should therefore not be based on this. Real reactions of potential consumers are much more meaningful. …



“Don’t build products that nobody wants” — Horizon helps you to identify the customer demand of your product idea before you build a prototype.

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