A real example of good to great

We received this letter from a driver who was in need and found out what we really mean when we say we’re going from good to great.

“This is Doug Ottesen. Let me paint a picture here,..bear with me. My trailer’s loaded in the Goshen yard. Just got done helping two others with their load. I’m all set to go..and I have a truck issue. Now my truck and trailer’s stuck. I go get another truck and trailer about 4 hours away, and get back to the yard to pick up my truck (which I just put over 42K into the engine and drivetrain). So its been a rough go. Now I have to get my truck up on the deck of another trailer, ect. and get it back to my mechanic. Joe, the yard boss, comes up to me and asks me if I need any help. I told him yes, to steer the truck as I pull it up, but I have to unhook ect. He has a few things to do and will be back.

I get everything set up for the truck to be loaded up. Then!…Then!!!..here comes joe in his truck, and asks me if I’m ready for help. I tell him sure let me get this truck unhooked so I can hook up and pull the other truck up. Joe’s response was, oh you don’t have to do all that work…then the next thing is that 9, yes nine! other trucks pull up, all the shuddle drivers jump out to help. Within minutes my broken truck is loaded onto my borrowed trailer, and all I have to do is strap it down. They ALL were asking if they can do anything else to help. (I didn’t tell them I needed a tissue). It was so awsome to get the help, the positive attitude. I don’t know that words can describe of how overwhelmed in a good way it made me feel. The spirit of true team work came through! They were all ready and willing to push my 10,000K truck up! It was accually pulled by two drivers with straps on both sides of my trailer. One of my straps broke, and before I could get another,…here is one of the yard guys with a brand new one! Bamm! Job done. Even the lady yard women was there to help.

I’m so proud to work with such great people that just do things from there hearts, I’ve found my home. I knew that Horizon was a good company to be leased on to, but this is much more than that. This is like being part of a family, a family that really cares and looks out for each other.

Then as out of a movie, they were gone, I was only able to thank a few. Please, Please try to convey to them how thankfull I am for there help. I know you won’t really be able to, but maybe one day I will be able to do something nice for them.

Then right at the end, here comes jerry checking on things, told him how gratefull I was and his comment was..yea thats what good to great is! Wow! Good to Great! LOVE IT! What a awsome team to be part of! May God bless you all today, and may God continue to bless Horizon Transport and their entire staff.

- Doug Ottesen Flatbed division driver.”

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