The Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy

Before you give birth to your child, you are responsible for helping her or him grow in a nurturing and healthy environment. There is a list of do’s and don’ts that you can follow for a simple and effective lifestyle. Keep the following points in mind and maintain healthy diet during pregnancy.

1) Do take your multi-vitamins

Vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, proteins and folate rich foods for pregnancy are a must. But, a healthy diet alone may not be enough for pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins contain higher levels of nutrients that expectant mothers need in adequate dosages and make up for the deficiency. They help with proper development of the foetus and help prevent birth defects.

2) Say no to smoking

Smoking causes the foetuses to be naturally addicted to nicotine and children born to women who smoke are at a greater risk of learning disabilities. They can also become smokers at an early age.

3) Sleep a lot

The nine months of pregnancy are a mix of emotions and can disturb regular sleep pattern. This is a demanding phase and will ask more from you. You need to sleep adequately to maintain a good overall health. It is good to take a quick nap whenever you feel like and also schedule timely naps during the day. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep at night.

4) Work out is important

Regular exercise helps you combat many issues that come up during pregnancy, including insomnia, muscle pain, excessive weight gain and mood problems.

5) Alcohol is a complete no

Alcohol impacts the baby’s development adversely. Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy may develop Fatal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). It is good to abstain from alcohol when pregnant.

6) Drink milk every day without fail

Milk is an essential part of all kinds of diets. Whatever excuses you may have come to terms with for not having that glass of milk, drop it and get going. Add a spoon of available health drinks to your glass that not only enhance the flavour but also add to the nutrient value making it wholesome nutrition.

7) Do not sit in a hot tub or sauna

Although they are relaxing and provide a good experience, it is seen that hot tubs or saunas double the risk of miscarriage.

8) Do get a flu shot

A flu shot should be taken by pregnant women to prevent catching influenza during pregnancy which may cause infection and complications.

9) Take limited amounts of caffeine

Caffeine can increase the heart rate of your child which is not good. A cup or two of coffee is still fine but avoid doing a triple shot latte while carrying a baby.

It is important to take due care of the foods to eat during pregnancy and also include physical activity like exercise or yoga in your daily routine for better health of yourself and your baby.

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