The story telling GMaster — 24mm f/1.4

I don’t know what to type as the first line to start my initial impressions of this lens. Let me be easy on myself and say, “Its the best wide angle lens I have ever used.” That is sure a steep statement, but that’s what it is.

Sony 24mm f/1.4 G Master

My friend Saravanan Ekambaram a wedding photographer/filmmaker and a landscape photographer bought this lens. I was wondering what madness it is to buy a 24 mm lens for Rs 1.12L. Like everyone who owns a copy of this lens, his description of this was too much to believe. So, I requested him to bring this lens to my home so that I could take a test drive.

G Master primes include a ring to control the aperture in the lens and also allow de-cliking via simple toggle which comes handy when you use the lens for film-making. Also they give an optional function button which can be customized. Unlike Batis lenses which do not come with any buttons to even toggle to manual focus, this lens is not shot of toggles and buttons on the lens. The focusing ring is wide enough and comfortable to use while on MF. The buildquality feels great, yet light and will please any photographer.

The close focusing distance is less than 10". The Bokeh is super creamy. Shot on Sony A7R II

The best part of the is the ability to work at close focusing distances. While a lot of lenses including the zooms focus at 10" range, its the creamy bokeh of the 11 blade construction at f/1.4 that make this lens a really attractive option. While a lot of photographers think about shooting landscapes with a 24mm prime, I think about shooting portraits, showing details of something the photographer wants to describe and yet giving a good context with the out of focus BG. I feel this is a wonderful story telling lens I would love to shoot weddings and documentaries. Its fantastic for both still photography and videos.

100% crop of the picture shot on Sony A7R II at f/1.4

Like I said before, while showing details of the subject in focus, the amount of the details this lens is able to resolve is astounding. I would easily say that it is the sharpest 24mm lens I have ever used.

Shot on Sony A7R II with Sony 24mm G Master at f/1.4

The lens’s unique construction and nano-coatings give amazing resistance to chromatic aberration even under really bad back-lighting and high contrast situations. I could just see a slight green on the edges which can be easily removed in post-processing. This is only visible in 100% crop which is nothing but pixel peeping. The lens also demonstrates exceptional flare resistance and allows a photographer to capture sharp details even in back-lit situations.

Exceptional details, very low CA and flare resistance

11 blade aperture and having a open aperture like f/1.4 allows a photographer to get creamy smooth bokeh and extremely pleasing out of focus areas. This lens makes you a story teller.

Shot with Sony A7R II with 24mm G Master at f/1.4 and Min focusting distance
Great details even in shadow areas of the image. 100% crop of the picture above.

The lens also has near zero distortion and vignetting. This will surely be of great interest to people shooting architecture. This also helps people photographer likes me to shoot wide angle portraits of people to give good context to your subject and also have no-distorted out of focus areas.

Shot with Sony A7R II + 24mm f/1.4 G Master — Proud owner of the lens in picture ;)

The feels light and has blazing fast AF when couple with cameras like the Sony A7 III. Once you customize the function button on the lens to eye-AF, you are happy getting every person you shoot in focus in a jiffy and yet get amazing details for a portrait.

The details are just amazing with this lens. 100% crop of the above shot. (No extra sharpening in post)

I am in love with this lens as people photographer. And all this happened within 15 minutes of using this lens. Its expensive… But, it’s worth the price. A much more comprehensive review is planned and the experiences shall be narrated by the proud owner of the lens.