Things You Shouldn’t Do When It Comes To Drains

You read several articles and informative news about the tips to clear clogged drains. Indeed, some of them are quite effective and resolve the problem of blocked drains in Adelaide immediately. However, experts always recommend preventive measures than corrective. Your aim should be to avoid the blockage in the drainpipe in the first place.

And it is not rocket science. Just by avoiding a few things not coming to the drainage system, you can prevent clogging forever. Is it so simple? Yes, it is. The only thing is consistency. You have to be vigilant, alert, and careful.

Here is a list of things that should be avoided.

Use detergent wisely

Doesn’t it sound weird? How can a detergent which is supposed to clean the stuff cause clogging? But it is true. The detergent powders you get today are different from what you used to get in the past. The chemical composition has changed. Nowadays, most of them are synthetic products that must be used carefully. Read the instructions on the pack and use only the recommended quantity. Using excessive quantity creates build-up in the drainpipes.

Never let the hair go into the drain

Human hair is the biggest culprit for clogging, and it is ignored the most. Always use a strainer to catch the hair. Empty the strainer in the dustbin frequently.

Don’t flush everything in the toilet

Your toilet is not designed for flushing sanitary pads or diapers. If you do that, then the problem of drain clogging is inevitable. Pop such things in the dustbin. It is needless to say that you have to maintain the hygiene in that. If at all you flush it in the toilet, then pour hot water to decompose it as soon as possible.

Do not ignore a suspected blockage

You always get an indication of the problem before it happens. Are you suspecting that the water is not getting clear with the speed it is supposed to? Is there a foul smell in the bathroom? Does the kitchen sink stink? If yes, then it is high time to get alert. Call an emergency plumber in Adelaide to check the problem. The team will come to your place and resolve it.

If the issue is nipped in the bud, then it will not become havoc later. It will save time, money, and bring peace of mind. These easy and simple steps will prevent more significant issues down the line. And these steps don’t take much of your time.

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