How Might We Statements and Individual Ideas:

  1. How might we store extra pillows and blankets in the closet without wasting space
  2. How might we keep pillows from being on the floor and getting dirty?
  3. How might we organize blankets quickly without it being an inconvenience?

My 30 ideas:

Warm-Up Game:

I created a new warm up game wear each player has a wand. One person starts by pointing at another person with the wand and saying a spell. This spell is made up and the point of the game is to be fast. The person who got pointed off, has to make up what happens to them when that spell is cast on the spot. Then that person repeats the original step after their action and points their wand at someone else and make up a spell. It was a fun game that seemed to create a lot of laughs. It got them out of their shell and was a great ice breaker. However, some people were not sure what to do when a spell was cast on them.

Session Organization:

For my session, I had four participants. Bowen, Axel, Ashley, and Cassandra were all involved in my session. We met in the Rapson library in a conference room. This was a good space for our session because it had a large table and we could pin our ideas up on the bed. I provided dark chocolate with almonds and koolaid for the session. Someone also brought cookies! Bowen is an illustration major, Axel is a chef, Ashley is a chiropractor major, and Cassandra is planning on majoring in environmental science. This brought for a broad range of ideas. The participants are all friends of mine who were happy to participate and were excited about it. For the actual idea generation, I provided 30 minutes for. About 20 minutes in, I played the game where they right three characters or people on a piece of paper and pass it the their neighbor. They then had to get inspired by these names and make ideas based off of them. This seemed to work for a while, but some people got off topic. Our total ideas in the end were 88 ideas with an IPM of .73.

Sorting and Voting:

I had the participants sort silently for 5 minutes into categories. Looking at the categories, there was not much of a strategy, but this was good in my eyes. Each person got 5 purple stickers and 5 green stickers for voting. I gave them 5 minutes to vote silently. The purple stickers stood for most creative and the green stickers were for the best ideas.

Top 10 Ideas:

6 of these ideas were from participants at the idea session. Four of the ideas were ones from my journal of my own.

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