Horoscopes API & Horoscope Content Service Comparison

My best shot at “Horoscope API” illustration

If you’ve been looking for a good daily horoscope api or an astrology content service you probably know by now that its not so easy to find one which has both, great quality content as well as affordable pricing.

Well, I’ve been there too and after spending a whole week researching this, I’ve decided to put up a list of all the best horoscope content service providers I could find.

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The criteria I was checking when testing the Horoscope API’s

  1. The quality of the content itself
  2. Horoscopes API’s which were easy to integrate.
  3. Monthly pricing for a daily horoscope feed as well as career & money horoscope feeds.
  4. Legit & legal horoscope content service license

Quality of the content

I believe this was the most crucial factor which led to my final decision (spoiler — http://horoscopesapi.com). Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to find a horoscope content service which had good quality horoscopes. Most of them looked as if they were generated by an automatic software but even those which appeared to be written by a real person, contained bad grammar of just didn’t make sense. Definitely not something I would send to my 100K daily active users.

Horoscope API ease of use (from a developer’s point of view)

The products I tested break down to three categories:

  • Unfriendly RSS / XML feeds
  • Embedded iframes / script tags which give you less control over your content
  • Modern JSON API

The latter category (JSON API) however was far less popular!

Needless to say that the embedded iframe option was not for me because I like to control exactly how my website looks, so that cut down a few options right there.

Monthly pricing for daily horoscope API providers

The prices range from $25 USD to to a $1000 USD monthly. That’s a really wide range but I must say that I was willing to pay a few extra bucks in order to get the best product. The reason is simple — if your website / app / product is all about horoscopes, and you’ve put your own time into nurturing it, cutting cost is not something I want to do if it would result in bad content and a low quality product. The whole point of your work would go down the drain immediately. I went for something in between.

Legitimate horoscope content service commercial license

Some of the astrology APIs I will cover are not even legal so beware! In simple words — they look like they steal content from larger websites probably by scraping their pages and offer it via an HTTP endpoint. This is not something I recommend you to do unless you’re OK with the risk of getting sued by a huge corporation.

Here is the list of all the horoscope API’s that I’ve tried:

  1. Http://HoroscopesAPI.com
  2. ContentSticky.com
  3. Kelli Fox (TheAstrologer.com)
  4. Vedic Rishi (AstrologyAPI.com)
  5. StarDM astrology
  6. Moonology.com (Yasmin Boland)
  7. IndianAstrology (http://www.indianastrology.com/horoscope-api)
  8. Fabulously40 (widgets.fabulously40.com)
  9. Unofficial TheAstrologer API (illegal — don’t use it)


This is by far the best horoscopes api service out of all reviewed API’s. It provides great horoscopes, it’s easy to use, and definitely affordable.

Content: Perfect.

Pricing: $80 monthly for the basic horoscope feed

Website: https://horoscopesapi.com

Ease of Use: No complaints. A simple JSON API that worked right away.

NodeJS usage example:

import { HoroscopesAPI } from ‘horoscopes-api’;
let today = new Date();
let aries = HoroscopesApi.horoscope(‘aries’, today);


They were recommended on a few Quora answers so I checked them out.

Their website looked decent but my own problem with them was that they give you some sort of a widget which is entirely controlled by them. In addition, their horoscopes contain some quirky stuff which was hardly readable at all. They do provide a regular POST API but I failed to understand how it worked. This is taken from their website:

Example request:

curl -v -X POST https://www.contentsticky.com/api/auth/ \
-H “Content-Type:application/json” \
-H “Authorization: Bearer Access-Token” \
-d ‘{
“username”: “__API_USERNAME__”,
“password”: “__API_PASSWORD__”,
“domain_name”: “__YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME__”,
“timezone”: “__YOUR_TIMEZONE__”,

Example response:

// etc…

If you’re asking yourself where is the horoscope? The answer is “1”. Lol :)

Content: Far from perfect, here is a text I copied from one of their horoscopes: “The key now is not to jump to conclusions about what people are telling you” (read it again — what does it even mean?)

Pricing: $25 month (very affordable) for both the integrated UI widget and API.

Website: http://contentsticky.com

Ease of Use: After reading the docs, I am still not sure how to use it exactly.

Kelli Fox (TheAstrologer.com)

This is one of the best astrology content service providers without a doubt, if you can afford it!

The price is not available publicly on their website and I had to contact Kelli Fox herself (!!) in order to get the TheAstrologer price sheet. I could not realize how the API works and how easy it is to use but the website looks pretty outdated so I could assume the API is not state of the art developer friendly.

Content: One of the best options in terms of content

Pricing: Extremely costly. $1000 per month for a 70 words daily horoscope. They also have weekly horoscopes for $800 monthly cost.

Website (Horoscopes API Contact form): http://theastrologer.com/about-us/index.php

Ease of Use: No usage examples available on their website.

Vedit Rishi Astrology

This Is a very interesting service. They seem to cover absolutely everything Astrology has to offer via their API. They have birth charts, match making, predictions, numerology, whatever you can think of. Unfortunately the quality of the content, I mean the actual text of the horoscope, is very low.

Content: I would not recommend you to use it if your website’s traffic consists of native English speakers. Here is a short excerpt of one of their horoscope: “Your endeavors shall be adequately compensated by financial gains in the end” (This is so Indian! Not that there’s anything wrong with it of course).

Pricing: $29 per month for the basic horoscopes pack.

Website: AstrologyAPI.com (Oscar for best domain).

Ease of Use: They have a solid API console, with proper documentation, SDK and what not. So I The most developer friendly Astrology API I’ve seen so far.

StarDM daily horoscope feed

This is a pricy UK based company which have a wide range of white label products for astrology website owners to offer to their users. Their website is outdated, and their products (which I have tested myself) look old. Their need to ramp up their looks and tech. In fact, you can tell their service hasn’t been updated in years only by the name of their API — Daily Horoscope XML Feeds (What the heck is XML?). Another disturbing and amazing fact about StarDM is that I noticed some hidden advertisements inside their horoscope texts! In short — do not give them money.

Content: Bad quality horoscopes sometimes with hidden ads inside the text.

Pricing: 360 GBP yearly for a simple horoscope feed.

Website: stardm.com

Ease of Use: They call it XML horoscope feed. Need I say more?

Moonology.com (Yasmin Boland)

Yasmin Boland is a veteran Australian Astrologer. She was the horoscopes writer for Elle (AU) and Yahoo horoscopes. We chatted for a while over emails and I have to say she sounds like a very nice person. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her price but I could only assume its not cheap because of the high profile magazines that she writes for.

Content: Really good content, she is for real.

Pricing: I can only assume it is very pricy.

Website: Moonology.com

API Ease of Use: No information regarding the API can be found on her website. I think we are talking about good old HTTP GET requests with no SDK nor any documentation.

Free horoscope API

The only free horoscope API’s I could find were unfortunately stealing content with no consent and offering it for free using what looks like web scraping. If these horoscope API’s are indeed violating licensing of other horoscope providers, using it would be completely illegal.

Here they are, avoid using them:

- widgets.fabulously40.com

- https://github.com/sandipbgt/theastrologer-api

There were no free horoscope api’s that I could find which were available for commercial use. Looks like at this point in time, the only option is paying a minimum monthly fee of $25.


In this review, I covered most astrology API’s I could find. I hope this saved you some time and gave you a good overview o the available options. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts! :)