How-To: Stake-To-Win with Horror Ape Club NFTs


This article is an in-depth “How-To” on the process of staking and entering the Horror Ape Club Stake-To-Win Lottery.

“Stake-To-Win” is a lottery-based staking mechanism on BNBchain in collaboration with the Chainlink VRF, where stakers of Horror Ape Club NFTs can enter to win a bi-weekly pot of prizes. You can read more about Horror Ape Club staking outside of this how-to article at our other medium Article, HERE.

The current links for staking Horror Ape Club (3333) NFTs are as followed: (Beware of Phishing Sites)

Staking Link:

( Only Click Links from Our Official Site, Medium, Telegram or Socials. )

Lottery Round Link:

The Official Website:

PLEASE NOTE: As of writing, Horror Ape Club Staking is only supported via a Metamask dapp or desktop browser — Trustwallet users can currently use the following link and learn how to import their TrustWallet address to Metamask —


Daily Staking Rewards: 10 Horror Ape Club Tickets (HACT) per NFT staked, per day — NFTs must be delisted from any exchanges and staked to earn Tickets in order to enter a Stake-To-Win Round.

1 Horror Ape Club NFT Staked for 24 Hours = 10 Tickets

Minimum Tickets for Round Entry: 10 Tickets

Rounds = Time Intervals of 14 days — Rounds Start, & Winners are Drawn every 2 weeks on a Friday @12:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

1 Winner Every 14 Days — Staking Pot Rewards Schedule will be posted beginning of August, but Staking Pot Rewards are subject to change.

All winning addresses will be posted on the Stake-To-Win page, as well as posted on our main site; along with BNB x Chainlink VRF TX link.


(Click the Horror Ape Club Logo to go to the main website)


“Connect Wallet”

After you land on the page via your Metamask dapp or desktop browser, please Tap/Click the “Connect Wallet” Button, and connect the wallet that holds the Horror Ape Club NFTs that you want to stake. ( you must approve any of the transactions on the staking website )


First Time Staking? “Authorize Wallet”

The first time you stake any Horror Ape Club NFTs, you must first authorize your wallet, this applies to any wallet addresses you intend to use to stake.

In your Metamask dapp or desktop browser, First tap/click the “Authorize Wallet” button, wait several seconds for the transaction to pop up on your browser via Metamask, after the transaction pops up simply Approve the transaction.

After connecting and approving the transactions with your desired wallet with the “Connect Wallet” and “Authorizing Your Wallet” Buttons, you should see your Horror Ape Club NFTs appear below via NFT cards that will feature “Stake it” & “Unstake” Buttons. If your authorized wallet is connected and you still cannot see your NFTs towards the bottom of the page, please click “Refresh NFT Portal”, or refresh your browser, and you should see your NFTs appear.

“Stake It!”

After connecting your authorized wallet you will see the Horror Ape Club NFTs that are owned by you towards the bottom of the screen. To stake your NFTs you must Tap/Click “Stake It”, and approve the Transaction.

As of writing their is no Bulk Stake Feature, but this will be implemented in the next site update, for now you must stake your NFTs one by one.


To unstake a select NFT, you must click on the “Unstake” button on the NFT you want unstaked, and approve the transaction.

“Unstake All”

Tap/Click the “Unstake All’ button if you wish to Unstake any NFTs you have staked at that time, and approve the transaction.

“Verify” ( text soon to be changed to “Show Earned Rewards” in next update )

Tap/Click the “Verify” button to refresh and display the total amount of rewards (HACT) earned by your staked NFTs. Horror Ape Club Tickets are earned at a fixed rate of 10 Tickets Every 24 hours Per NFT Staked.

“Earned HACT Rewards”

Tap/Click This Button To Refresh Your Total Amount of HACT earned from Staking your NFTs.


“Claim Rewards”

Tap/Click the “Claim Rewards” Button To Claim any Horror Ape Club Tickets that you have accumulated from staking your NFTs.

When you choose to claim your rewards, and when you choose to enter the Stake-To-Win Round is completely up to you. You can claim your rewards ad enter a biweekly round, or accumulate your tickets for a better chance next round, please note that you must “Claim Rewards” in order to enter a round.

When you stake your Horror Ape Club NFT, you earn a set amount of 10 Horror Ape Club Tickets (HACT) per NFT staked, every 24 hours. So if you have 1 HAC staked for 1 day, you will earn a total of 10 HACT to use to enter the biweekly Stake-To-Win Rounds.

There is a minimum of 10 HACT to enter a Stake-To-Win round.


“Refresh NFT Portal”

Tap/Click the “Refresh NFT Portal’ to refresh the staking page; you made need to refresh the page for multiple reasons, such as: after connecting your wallet, after claiming your HACT rewards, after Staking an NFT — This button simply refreshes the page.


Earned HACT Rewards —This Displays The Total Amount of Horror Ape Club Tickets (HACT) that you have accumulated from staking your NFTs.

Total Staked — The Total Amount of NFTs staked out of the entire supply.

Your NFTs — The Total Amount of NFTs you currently have staked.

What Happens When I Stake My NFT?

→> Any Horror Ape Club NFT staked earns a daily set amount of rewards. (10 HACT every 24 hours per NFT)

→> Any Horror Ape Club NFT staked leaves your wallet and goes into the staking contract. To return your NFT at any time simply Tap/Click the “Unstake” button on your staked NFTs card, or if you want to unstake all of your NFTs at once and return them all at once to your wallet you can choose “Unstake All”


NFTs in wallet not visually showing — Refresh Your Browser

Can’t connect a new wallet/old connected wallet showing — Refresh Your Browser, then Clear History and Cache for the staking URL.



The following link is where you can enter your earned Horror Ape Club Tickets, aka HACT, into the biweekly staking pot rounds:

“Connect Wallet”

After you land on the page via your Metamask dapp or desktop browser, please Tap/Click the “Connect Wallet” Button, and connect the wallet that holds your Horror Ape Club Tickets (HACT), remember you must “Claim” your accumulated tickets via the staking URL, here: before entering a round, and there is a minimum of 10 HACT per entry slot.


( you must approve any of the transactions on the Stake-To-Win Entry website )

“First time Participating?” / “Approve”

Tap/Click the “Approve” button to authorize your wallet to enter the Staking Round, and approve the transaction.


“Lottery Portal” / “Enter Stake-To-Win Round”

After Connecting your approved wallet, underneath “Lottery Portal”, in the “Input Slot Amount” box, you can enter the amount of slots you want to enter into the round.


1 Entry Slot = 10 Horror Ape Club Tickets

Example: If You have accumulated 130 Tickets in your wallet from staking your Horror Ape Club NFTs and you want to enter all your tickets into a round, you would enter 13 into the “Input Slot Amount” box, then tap/click the “Enter Stake-To-Win Round” Button, after clicking and approving the transaction, you can refresh the page to check to make sure you enter the desired amount of tickets via your balance in the “Your Activity” Box. After entering your tickets into a round you will see your lottery ID and how many slots to have in a round.

Holders have the option of accumulating tickets they earn from staking and entering every round, or holding and entering a future staking pot round for a better chance of winning; this way even holders of fewer NFTs are able to accumulate tickets for a higher chance when they choose to enter in a future staking pot round.

For any additional help with staking you can visit the Staking Support Telegram group, and receive assistance, HERE. ←

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