5 Great General Purpose Saddles

A General Purpose Saddle, or GP Saddle as they are commonly known, has knee rolls although these are smaller than jump models, the panels and flaps are also straighter and the stirrup bars are further forward. A GP saddle should also have a wider waist than saddles used for other disciplines, this is to allow the rider’s weight to be distributed across a greater area and to reduce pressure sores.

The Horse Boutique’s proprietor, Michael Burleigh, is a Master Saddler as well as a Qualified Saddle Fitter so saddles are what ‘we do’. The following provide an excellent snapshot of some great quality, new general purpose saddles currently available at our shop in Kingsland, Herefordshire;

Highland & Cob General Purpose Saddle from Ideal

With a flat tree that sits very level on ‘table top’ breeds, this is a great all round saddle for native types. The flap is slightly less forward cut but still has generous knee roll for comfort and security. The straighter cut works well with the broader and loaded shoulders often found on native types. This saddle, which is supplied in either black or brown, could also be used for showing and working hunter classes and is available in all width fittings up to XXX/Wide. £1,200.00

Ideal Highland and Cob Standard Seat General Purpose Saddle
Ideal Highland and Cob Wide Seat General Purpose Saddle

K2 General Purpose Saddle from Albion

Riders looking for a comfortable, supportive seat and leg position love the K2. The standard knee rolls are medium size, soft and supportive, fixed in one position under the flap. Suitable for jumping, as well as showing, this saddle is a great option for both horse and rider. Available in a variety of sizes and in either black or chocolate. £1,499.00

Albion K2 General Purpose Saddle

Cob General Purpose Saddle from Kent & Masters

Another great saddle for cob types, this one has a low profile, flat tree shape and straighter cut slim line panels to minimise bulk between horse and rider. Optimum saddle stability can be achieved via the adjustable girthing options. Comes in either black or brown and 17” or 17 ½ “ seat sizes. £900.00

Kent & Masters Cob General Purpose Saddle

Falcon Adler VSD from Jeffries

Sufficiently straight cut to sit behind the horse’s shoulder and allow freedom of movement, this comfortable, stylish GP saddle is great for riders who focus towards dressage. Available in Havana or black and sizes through narrow to extra wide. £1,350.00

Jeffries Falcon Adler VSD General Purpose Saddle

T4 General Purpose Saddle from Thorowgood

A great option for a middleweight horse this universal fitting synthetic saddle is super comfy and locates the rider centrally for balance and control. Adjustable knee and calf blocks provide great leg support. Flocked in 100% British wool and available in black or brown, 17” or 17 ½ “ seat sizes. £650.00

Thorowgood T4 General Purpose Saddle