What We’ve Learned From 2016
Luis A. Mendez

I am no “political analyst”, but I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that the “BIG CULPRIT” here is the FAR-LEFT-MENDACIOUS-LIB-PROGRESSIVE-LAME-STREAM MEDIA — especially over the last eight years with its “BIASED ALPHABET MEDIA — including “BIGOTED, LEFT-CONTROLLED “NPR” (paid-for in part by “conservative constitutional tax payers, but, for the most part, controlled by LEFTIST PROPAGANDA. — Don’t forget the “BIASED” leftist PRINTED MEDIA and their LIES — (does “The New York Times” fit here?) The other LEFTIST NEWSPAPERS and the “on-line” anti-conservative “WEBSITES” are TOO NUMEROUS TO POST HERE!

This is the same corrupt MEDIA COMPLEX that, for example, have consistently covered up OBAMA’S LINK to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and his FAILURE to keep us SAFE from DOMESTIC RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

This is the same MEDIA that supposedly should have been “neutral” or “unbiased”, but consistently “ignored” or “covered up” the numerous CLINTONS’ “SCANDALS” — Did you notice that, especially in the last months before the elections — and even now — the “leftist thugs” have concentrated on destroying TRUMP, frantically “digging up microgram dirt” WHILE IGNORING Hillary’s “treachery” with “classified materials”, and abuses of her CLINTON FOUNDATION. (And the list goes on!)

When TRUMP would say: We need to enforce the existing laws regarding “LEGAL immigration”, and only the legals should be allowed to enter, the CORRUPT LEFTIST MEDIA would report” “TRUMP, the ‘bigot’ HATES HISPANICS!” — Then when Rosie O’Donald (sic) attacked TRUMP unjustly, he exercised HIS RIGHT OF SELF-DEFENSE to respond, but was hatefully labeled a “WOMAN HATER”. — All of this should be honestly researched and published!

God bless America! GO TRUMP!

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