Everything YOU need to start a YouTube Channel

Although you don’t need expensive equipment to start off, I’m going to give you a rundown of what you’ll need. Just the essentials.

The Essentials

Starting Off

When you’re first starting off, I recommend just using your iphones microphone , a tripod, canva, and IMovie. Use canva to make the thumbnails, use iMovie in the beginning to publish videos, and you’ll improve as you keep going. For the next part, I’ll talk about the software I’d recommend and why.


Alright, so there’s Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro . However, if you are a student I highly recommend using Adobe Creative Cloud. You get a student discount and it comes with a lot of useful apps to create stellar videos. I would also say that it was a lot easier for me to learn all of the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Cloud rather than Final Cut Pro.

Everyone’s got their opinions and you know yourself best so use your own judgement.


Canva is important to use to make those thumbnails. You know the thing that makes a viewer decide to click on your video or not ? Yes, those ones !!

Here’s some examples of my thumbnails:

I would recommend making them because it looks a lot more appealing to viewers than when you don’t make them. I learned that the hard way. But, like I said, you learn as you go. Canva has a way for you to create YouTube Thumbnails, icon, and channel art so I highly recommend using it if you’re new to YouTube!


Overall, I think this is everything you need to know to start off and if there is any interest I will make this a series!



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