Arley’s First Year: An Autobiography of Arley the Dog — Chapter Three: My First Trip to the Vet

Cover Art

I scrabble in the carrier, terrified of the prospect of going to the vet. Of course I had gone when I lived at the breeder’s home, but I haven’t gone for a little while, so I had forgotten. I hate the shots the most. We stop, and Mom takes my carrier out, with Solenn, Yann, and Kenan following behind. We walk into a room where there are kind-looking ladies, and a few dogs I would like to check out. Mom signs in, and we wait. A little bit afterwards, a lady comes in, and calls my name. All of us follow her to a small room where she sets me on a table. She talks to Mom for a little while I sniff curiously at everything. Finally, she checks my heartbeat, and weighs me. After that they talk a bit more, and she hands Mom a bag that smells of pills. I grimace. Pills? Why should I have to take pills? I think, as I get loaded into my carrier again. My family walks out toward the car again, and we drive home. I am super relieved that I didn’t get a shot.

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