Whose fault is it really

When starting this topic I had trouble coming up with a good title. Many random one came through my head like mental toughness, it’s everyone’s fault except yours, and just do it, america in the 21st century etc. I chose this title because of how I feel about America in this day and age.

We have had it good in this country for a very long time. I am not saying that is a bad thing but I feel some bad came out of it.

We as a nation have devolved into a cluster of weak minded, follower based people. When someone walks past a sign that says wet floor and falls their solution is to blame the maker of the sign for not having bright enough colors or say the sign wasnt at the correctangle. If there is any type of problem these days the vast majority’s 1st instinct is to cast blame off themselves before even worrying about correcting the issue. If you have to think about if you are that type of person or not more than likely you are. I really like McDonald’s. Its a inexpensive source of food that you can get relativity quickly. America wants to blame McDonald’s for America being obese but it isn’t McDonald’s fault. If Ronald McDonald force feeding people burgers I agree there would be an issue. That isn’t what is happening. People say at that point “a salad there costs $10 were as a burger costs $1”. My response is “At the end of the day McDonald’s is a business. McDonald’s doesn’t care if you buy a salad or a burger. In fact im pretty sure they would prefer if you were in shape so they could have a better image. I also guarantee you if a salad was selling faster than burgers that price gap would close.”

A guy I used to serve with said once that he is fat because the commander of the ship doesn’t give him enough time to workout. My response in my head was but you still magically find time to drink everyday and play video games.

That being said I will admit at often times there are faulted systems in place that make it difficult for change to happen. If a child in an impoverished neighborhood doesnt have anywhere to practice or learn creativity he will learn what he will learn on the streets. Or if a person struggling with being over weight and they never learn how different foods affect the body, that transformation wouldnt be easy either.

Here is what I believe complaining is a good thing. Complaining gets people to action in changing the way things are done. Complaining changes protocols and how people are treated. However one thing I truly despise is the way 90% of people complain and what they often complain about. if you are complaining for where you are in life then it might be time to get to work. in my experience for every horror story you been through more than likely someone has been through worse. I grew up in an area with poverty. My Colombian friend arrived in this country inside of car trunk. She of course had it much worse than me. If something is morally wrong with how someone is treating you instead of wasting your breath and talking to the guy at the bar maybe you should go to the police or human resources. If you are hesitant to do that I would be forced to make an assumption. either your situation isn’t exactly is how you are describing it or it isn’t that bad. A wise man once said “anything ou don’t hate you will eventually tolerate”. That quote applys here.

What i am really getting at is complain for a purpose. Do not do it to waste your own breath. And if you aren’t where you want to be in life get to work, go to school, start a business, do something to change it. Even if it is a smallest step imaginable, at least you did something. You just have to keep it up now. Ask yourself of all the people that made it out of a worse case than you are in right now what separates you from them.

In closing, for our country to be a truly great one we are going to have to get out of the habit of pointing finger and making excuses. Its time to get mentally tough and develop as people. Its time for us to stop crying when things don’t go exactly our way. Its time for us to stop having a drink or sticking a needle in our arm to forget about the pain. Its time for us to get out the habit of suing someone just because you want a paycheck. Its just time to get tough people.

For everyone thinking right now of a stituation that they were in which they had no control over just think back for a moment. In my experience I have screwed up plenty of times. People have wronged me on purpose more times than I can count. However everytime that has happened to me I can always trace back to something I noticed, or some path I knew I should have taken or some other way of handling a situation. I am not regretting anything but I can always look back to how if I done something I knew I should have things would have gone differently. I learned from that mistake and grown as a person. Before I placed blame I looked at what I could have done to prevent that. Funny thing is some how it usually goes back to me.

That is called full self responsibility.

Imagine now if everyone on planet earth did that.

How further along would we be if more people changed their way of thinking? Not just a bit toward my way but open to change in general.