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Why I believe we can’t truly speak about the religious freedom in my country

Strong lines to write, even after communism my country changed regarding to the religious freedom, yet, cultural background and other aspects cause Slovakia is the only EU member state without an official mosque.

I have participated in the international seminar on religious freedom this week and was speechless when some Slovak representatives claimed we live in a society where anybody can practice their religion freely. Here are several facts to prove this statement is wrong and religious freedom is not universal in Slovakia.

Islam is not a registered religion in Slovakia and Muslims are not receiving any financial aid from the state, they cannot teach their religion in schools and have no possibility to found their own school. …

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Photo source: patriziasoliani / edit: Tomas Horvath

It’s the Earth Day today. How do you want to celebrate it?


The Earth is our home, home for 7.6 Billion People and millions species of plants and animals (nobody is really sure about the exact number). We take the water, food, nature for granted. It is here truly for free, even when some people pretend it belongs to them. It doesn’t. It is here for all of us, for the whole humanity.


Yet, we don’t appreciate all the gifts from the Earth enough. …

The world can be divided by many causes, or united through the shared humanity approach.

It is to us what we choose and where we lead our world. I believe in focusing on what we have in common.

It is important to remember I will never look like you. And I will never like exactly the same food, music, movies. But it doesn’t mean we cannot be friends, work together and live in the same place.

Till this day, I have visited around 50 countries and lately was travelling through some countries in the MENA region. I have been working on projects around the world and many times cooperated with people very different from me. What was important was the aim of our actions. Whether it was to coordinate events in Canada, youth meetings in Belgium or the Netherlands, build a Clinic in Uganda, start supporting children’s education in Rwanda, or some other projects I was a part of. …


Tomas Horvath

Social Entrepreneur, Eco-Social Innovator @unleashlab Alumni, Peace builder @unaoc Alumni, NGO Manager - International Aid & Social Development

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