My list of 25+1 startups from Web Summit Lisbon 2017

Martin Horvath
Nov 11, 2017 · 2 min read
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Such an incredible event Web Summit is! Visiting Lisbon this year was the best decision I could make and I could fairly say I have never saw so much great content packed at one place before. But not only content made the event so interesting. You can find tons of interesting companies, startups and projects next to each other and see what topics are now really trending. Here is my list, even though I hardly managed to get through quarter of all. Feel free to add your tips to widen the list.


Codeucate. — Platform for teaching children coding.

Matchboard — Enhancing children learning through multi-sensory technology.


botpress — bot development framework.

RECAST.AI — AI bot customer service for enterprise

AskHub — Transforming open data into conversational resources and services for chat bots

ChatSpace — Conversational analytics for chat bots


uptale. — Platform to build live interactive 360 virtual reality experience

LEVEL Virtual Reality — VR apps for retail sector.

Marketing, Analytics

Alarmduck — Automated anomaly detection in web analytics integrated to Slack.

synerise — AI powered omnichannel marketing automation.

AdsHelper — Easy to generate banners & landing pages

BRANDCELEBRITIES — Connects brands, influencers, celebrities

Corebook — Create &manage brand identity

IT development

madumbo — AI detecting all the defects of websites, autonomously.

Screenful — Visual dashboards for JIRA, Trello, GitHub, etc.

Code Control — 350+ trusted developers ready for your project

Virtual Assistant

iReachm — Personal assistant for sales people

VIRTUALMENTE — Virtual office manager for Entrepreneurs.

ellp — PC Assistant automating your daily tasks

eCommerce & Artificial intelligence — AI matching people with products for eCommerce

holo one — AI/AR for eCommerce

dipp — Making user generated content shopabble with AI

Telco & Enterprise

RocketSiebel — Agile toolset for Oracle Siebel CRM development

datasonar — Machine learning and big data platform

Zup — Digitizing telecoms

twilio — Messaging, voice, video & authentication APIs

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