Benefit from our Referral Program in solely 3 steps!

Get 5% bonus on the amount raised by your network using your referral link

As a member of HoryouToken community, you are our strongest asset to spread the word about the project and to contribute in making our TGE a success!

Our Referral Program is as simple as the following 3 steps:

Step 1 : If it is not yet the case, register to our TGE!

To register to HoryouToken TGE, access our dedicated website:

At the top of the page, simply click on the orange button « JOIN THE TGE ».

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You are redirected towards HoryouToken subscription process, allowing you to buy HYT tokens. To go through this process you will have to provide your email address and personal information.

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Step 2: Obtain and share your referral link

Once well registered (personal info and ID document provided), you can access your referral link by clicking on “Referral Program” at the top right of your dashboard.

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Your referral link appears and you can copy it and share it to your network!

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When spreading the word about HoryouToken, feel free to leverage our website as well as all the information available on our social media channels: Twitter & Telegram.

Step 3: Get 5% bonus on the amount raised by your network!

If your network subscribe HoryouTokens using your referral link, you will obtain 5% bonus on the amount raised.

Note that:

Ready to be part of our positive change? Join our project and let’s do social good!

For any question, please do not hesitate to contact us on

HoryouToken team

Be the change. Be Horyou.

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HoryouToken aims at revolutionizing the act of giving with its truly novel approach called Blockchain with a Purpose

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