Make the direct transactions from bitcoin network to Lightning Network and back. In the future such opportunities will become available also to other cryptocurrencies.

Very few people know, that usual bitcoin address is incompatible with those that are used in Lightning network. It doesn’t allow to make direct payments and demands special transactions. Alex Bosuort, studying work of the atomic swaps allowing to interact to blockchains of various cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, has come to a conclusion that the similar principles can be applied to Lightning Network.

Alex expects that all users of cryptocurrency will use technology soon that will allow to apply it to sending any digital currencies.

Similar views are shared by Jason Wong, the developer who has begun to adapt atomic swaps for a Lightning recently. However he hasn’t stopped on it and has offered the version allowing to apply technology to operations with Etherium weeks ago.

At present Alex Bosuort says that the technology is at an early development stage and there are some unresolved problems therefore to use it in global aims is still risky. However he is confident in her future working capacity and huge potential. Atomic swaps don’t demand introduction of Lightning Network in each cryptocurrency therefore for multiple currency operations will be only improvement of the existing protocol enough.

It is pleasant to observe that technologies don’t stand still. The blockchain network and atomic swap technology are developing very quickly. We want to offer you one more remarkable project using an interesting Blockchain. It to the Horyou — the project, created for distribution of the social good. The blockchain with a purpose is the main feature of Horyou. Aim of Horyou — to solve global problems, to help people and to develop philanthropy and the social good. Interesting? Join Horyou right now!

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HoryouToken aims at revolutionizing the act of giving with its truly novel approach called Blockchain with a Purpose

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