In a southwest part of China, the hotel which has already drawn a lot of attention to itself with a possibility of payment of his services in cryptocurrency of Ethereum has opened. An institution carries the name “Yitai” that in translation means “ETH hotel”.

It is supposed that Yitai is the first hotel in China and, possibly, around the world, to the allowing lodgers to pay off with air. He settles down in Ngava — the area entering ten the most popular tourist places of China thanks to the untouched nature — about such sights as Mount Sigunyan and national park of Jiuzhaigou.

It is known that the hotel is counted on 55 numbers. There is the pool, gym, conference rooms, etc.

According to messages in local media, owners of the hotel, all from which work in the blockchain industry, believe in technical progress and decentralization, and therefore want to attract more people to cryptocurrencies.

At the same time about how the local authorities repairing various barriers to the industry of cryptocurrencies in the article have apprehended emergence of such hotel, it isn’t reported. This week the news agency Xinhua has published material in which has said that local traders still bypass the operating restrictions without special problems.

“Next time when someone will tell you that the bitcoin is forbidden in China, show them this photo”, — has said some crypto enthusiast. “The Chinese investors can still buy ICO tokens, having initially used fiat currency for the purchase of bitcoin”.

We will remind, Ethereum involve for an issue of bonds for 1,35 billion dollars in Austria. The authorities of the country consider a blockchain as technology, “setting the tone in economic policy”.

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