Meet David Parienti, Founding Partner of HoryouToken

Jul 13, 2018 · 2 min read

David Parienti, is a Founding Partner and Former COO of Horyou, Bitcoin evangelist and early adopter of cryptocurrencies, he has built through his passion for blockchain technology a broad awareness of the possibilities it could enable. David, has worked and advised Swiss family office on technical and chart analysis, building a financial expertise of more than 10 years on trading of multi-asset classes.

Why did you choose to join the HoryouToken team?

I am a founding member of Horyou, former COO, and passionate by blockchain Technology and strong advocator of Bitcoin. Joining HoryouToken team, was natural for me as it is a way to support a mainstream adoption of blockchain with a project that supports social good and inclusion.

What is your role to support the development of this new project?

Strategic Advisor of the Founder and CEO of Horyou on blockchain related topic and ecosystems.

What is your dream for HoryouToken?

It would be a mainstream adoption of blockchain through HoryouToken.

Be the change. Be Horyou.


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HoryouToken aims at revolutionizing the act of giving with its truly novel approach called Blockchain with a Purpose

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