Meet Kenneth Bok, Horyou Partner and Singapore Ambassador

Discover Kenneth through 3 key questions

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Kenneth Bok, M.Eng., M.A., is the Founder and CEO of blocks, a blockchain research platform. Based in Singapore, blocks exists to research the blockchain ecosystem, perform due diligence on cryptoassets, and analyze public blockchains for actionable insights. Kenneth previously worked as a trader for Goldman Sachs on the Program Trading / One Delta Equities desk in London from 2008–2010. He has been investing and researching in the blockchain space since 2014.

Why did you choose to join the HoryouToken team?

Horyou represents a new possibility with social media and the opportunity for collective action for good, with the aid of social media. We need very much to be focused on the good that so many small groups and individuals are doing all over the world whose actions and voice are drowned out by the big money and corporate machine that caters to our reptilian brain.

What is your role to support the development of this new project?

Advisor and user of the platform.

What is your dream for HoryouToken?

For HoryouToken to push the boundaries with what is possible for tokenization and to effect the good we want to see in the world!

Be the change. Be Horyou.

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HoryouToken aims at revolutionizing the act of giving with its truly novel approach called Blockchain with a Purpose

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