Twitter plans to struggle versus swindlers, using Blockchain

2 min readSep 13, 2018


Jack Dorsey — the head of Twitter and payment startup Square, has said at hearings in the Congress, that his company investigates possibilities of use of technology a blockchain for fight against swindlers.

The representative of California Doris Matsui at a meeting of Committee has asked:
“You have expressed interest in broad use of technology a blockchain, including a possibility of identification of the personality for fight against unreliable information and swindlers earlier. What possible applications of a blockchain do you see?”

Jack Dorsey said that the blockchain perfectly is suitable for establishment of the entrusted relations in the digital world. It is especially important in the light of the counterfeit accounts which have captivated a social network trying to deceive users and to entice at them cryptocurrency.

Jack Dorsey has answered:
“First of all it is necessary to begin with studying of problems which we should solve and which we solve, and then to look at available technologies and to understand what of them will help us to improve result. A blockchain, I think, that technology which has huge and unused potential, especially in areas of the distributed trust and, potentially, distributed law enforcement. We haven’t reached the necessary level of understanding yet as could apply this technology to problems which Twitter faces. But we have people who study this question”

Also in August one of organizers of the roguish scheme in Twitter has told, that the scheme promising to make a grow of assets and also free distribution of cryptocurrency, makes a profit for the wheeler-dealers from $50 000 to $100 000

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