Best Virtual Tour Software for Real Estate

Nov 22, 2017 · 10 min read

So you are looking to create property virtual tours online, but with a plethora of virtual tour software on offer nowadays, which software will you choose to host your property virtual tours?

Where 10 years ago, there was just a handful virtual tour software prviders out there, now there’s over 50 different companies offering this service. You want to make the right choice so you can build and create your own virtual tours in minutes without getting bogged down in complicated coding and installations. It needs to be plain and simple right?

Ok so from the wealth of different software providers out there, we have shortlisted the best 5 virtual tour software providers to use for real estate agents so you can start building your own property virtual tours in minutes!

1. Pano2VR

Pano2VR converts spherical or cylindrical panoramic images into interactive 360 panoramas for playback on portable devices, kiosks and the modern web browsers.


Pano2VR is a software that you download to your computer and that is where you build your virtual tours. It has lots of great features such as being able to add animations, improve your images, level your images and removing the tripod. There’s the skin editor that allows you to design your own buttons and hotspot, add sound and video. The world is your oyster really. Pano2VR has it all and then some!


You really need to understand a bit of coding, and a virtual tour will take you quite a while to create if you have never done it before.

Also, licenses are from 99€ per computer, so you are kinda stuck if you like working from different locations.

Furthermore, you need to be able to upload your own images to your FTP of your website, and this will slow down your site as it is all hosted in the same place, plus you need to really know your way around programming!

This software is aimed more at professional photographers that provide a service.


1 Pano2VR license is 99€ (excl. VAT) (pro license is 299€) and additional users are 70€ each for a basic license and 200€ for a pro license

2. Round Me

RoundMe is a 360 VR image publishing and virtual tour authoring platform.


This virtual tour app software allows you to make beautiful virtual tours using a user friendly interface.

It is an online software so you can access your tours at any time and allows you to upload images of up to 65.000 pixels so 4K photography is definitely accepted.

RoundMe offers various features including hotspots, welcome screens, sounds and maps and its interface is really very simple to use.


RoundMe is created for a variety of users, so it has no specific features for real estate agents. It focuses more on high quality virtual tours rather than high converting virtual tours.

Moreover, since the cost is monthly but you pay for upgrades on a “per tour” basis, you will find the cost getting quite exponential if you are looking to build your own property virtual tours.

Properties sell faster and even though you paid for a lifetime upgrade on a tour, you will have to purchase the upgrade again for the next property.


The pricing is pretty steep at 15$ per virtual tour for the privilege of a simple tour embed, add another 10$ for privacy and whitelist of the tour and if you want to add it to your map you will have to dish out another 5$ so all in all, you will be paying 30$ per tour, and this is apart from your monthly fee of 12,99$ just to have the privilege of buying the aforementioned upgrades…

3. My360

My360 is a virtual tour software created specifically with Real Estate Agents in mind.


The software is 100% online and allows you to shoot & build your property virtual tours in minutes. The software is really created for those that have no experience in 360º photography, so it is super simple to use. Building a virtual tour with My360 takes less than 15 minutes, and not only will it then be built, but with 1 press of a button it will be published on your website and portals you work with. So no messing about with complicated coding.

The software is made to generate leads, so it has all these high converting call to actions that you can add to your tour to obtain the viewers email address so you can follow up on them and close the sale.

Furthermore, it allows you to add different users (for free) at different levels, handy if you are working with in-house photographers.

Moreover, My360 has their own property portal where you can advertise your property for free, and they even offer a subscription that includes the Theta 360º camera so you really don’t have to think for yourself anymore!

Lastly (yes we really like this software, it has so much to offer!) it has a unique app that allows you to upload your images from your phone into the platform while you are at a property so you don’t have to wait around or fumble about with cables in your office. You really simply, shoot, upload, build & publish your virtual tour.


It is hard to find a negative in My360, we would say that maybe the platform could do with a bit of a cosmetic upgrade, but that might slow it down so perhaps the developers of this software made the educated decision to put speed over beauty in this case.

The software is relatively new, so many new features are added all the time but so far they have all been free of charge.

Also, the only way to pay for a subscription is PayPal (or bank transfer if you choose one of the yearly paid subscriptions) though I have been told by the support (which is very responsive by the way!) that they are adding other payment methods in 2018


They only work with monthly subscriptions and they have just 1 package of 39€ per month for unlimited virtual tours. This is the cheapest subscription we have found so far (for unlimited virtual tours) and they allow you to have as many users as you like plus you can use all the features for free. (no nasty extra charges)

They also offer the Ricoh Theta 360 Camera at cost price if you sign up with them, and they have a 2 week free trial to start with so you can try the software out.

The simple and straightforward charging structure is a real plus for them. It gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t be charged more for your software a year down the line.

4. Matterport

Matterport has developed a 3D camera that comes with it’s own virtual tour software.


Matterport is not only a 360º virtual tour software, it also produces the Matterport Pro3D camera.

This camera can create incredible 3D images of any property at super high quality. The result is simply mind-blowing. You will receive a completely immersive 3D walkthrough experience like no other. If you had to compare it to luxury cars, then Matterport really is the Rolls Roys of 360º cameras, without a doubt!

Once you have completed making your pictures and uploaded them to the exclusive Matterport creation studio the software will in fact build the tour by itself, it is that advanced. Just sit back and see how your beautiful virtual tour is created.

It also creates an impressive 3D dollhouse so your visitor really gets to see the layout of the property plus it gives real-world dimensions so it really shows the client everything!


It sounds all too good to be true does it? Well in a way… it is..

The camera (which in itself will cost you a fortune) is not easy to use, it has a bit of a learning curve and takes ages to take the images. So when shooting a 2 bedrooms apartment, whereas with other cameras it would take you less than 30 minutes, you need to schedule in the best part of your morning to shoot the same property with a Matterport. The reason for this is not only the camera needs lots more processing time, you are also supposed to shoot way more images to create that 3D effect. Traditional virtual tours can be shot a lot quicker.

Then there is the awful Matterport logo that users seem to complain about a lot. This can’t be removed, and has many professional photographers complaining.

Then there’s the software… even though the software is a great tool, it is also the ONLY tool you can use with the Matterport images, this means, the monthly cost associated with the Matterport software is something that you will always need to pay…


And this is where it gets worse, the software for Matterport is expensive, there’s no other way to describe it.

First there’s the camera which will set you back a cool $3995 and a basic subscription will cost you 49$ per month which includes 3 tours. Additional tours can be purchased at 19$ per tour.

The reason why this is so expensive is because the tours are so heavy and can only be hosted on a Matterport server. So once you are in… you’re in forever, there’s no switching companies, because there are no other hosting providers out there…

5. Tourmake


Tourmake is another awesome software that allows you to build your own virtual tours. It offers lots of features and overlays, the system is incredibly easy to use and has a plethora of features to make your tour really stand out. You can add areas of interest with a text feature, points of interest with a “buy now” feature, allow people to book tables or reserve a rental property.

Apart from the My360 software, this software is the only other one we have seen that offers a lot of features dedicated to lead generation.


There’s 1 very big problem with TourMake, and that is that you have to be a Verified trusted Photographer with Google to be able to use it…

The reason for this is because the images used are also used on Google Maps and what tourmake uses is an overlay on those images.

Furthermore, they work with a pretty complicated “credits” system to build your tours with and this makes it quite expensive.

Even though the system is easy enough to use, for someone not familiar with building a virtual tour it might still be a little daunting, but since the software is aimed at Google Trusted Streetview Photographers, it focuses it’s features on those that have experience in the photography industry.


A subscription to TourMake costs 89€ per year for a basic subscription and then you need to purchase additional credits for additional tour functionalities. Each credit is 5€ and gives you for example additional panos for a tour. The credits are valid for 1 year and if you don’t pay next year, then the tour will still be live, you just can’t edit it until your pay again and advertising is added to your tour.

What the credits buy exactly is very difficult to see on the site and you will find out exactly what it is once you are starting to build a tour.


So now you have a better idea what virtual tour software providers are out there. Have you been able to make a decision?

Our team tried and tested all of them and we came to the conclusion that you have to ask yourself some very basic questions before committing to any of the above software providers:

If you are a real estate agent, you want to sell your property right? Will it matter if your tour is in 3D or not? Is that going to be the deciding factor for your client? Probably not.

You want to show off the property so the client gets an idea of the layout, but they will get the same impression of the property regardless if it was shot in 3D or not.

Matterport is the only one that shoots In 3D and it costs you an arm and a leg so let’s eliminate that one. That leaves us with RoundMe, My360, Pano2VR and TourMake

Do you want the clients contact information so you can follow up on their requirements? Does your tour need to Generate leads for you more than anything else? Do you want these features, but you don’t want to pay extra money every time you add new features?

This would eliminate RoundMe so we now have Pano2Vr, TourMake & My360 to choose from.

Does it need to be a simple and straightforward process? Do you want to be able to make the tours yourself and in double quick time?

Pano2VR is a beautiful virtual tour maker, but you do depend on your programming skills here so that leaves us with My360 & TourMake

How important is cost for you?

Do you want to keep your costs low and don’t want to pay per tour that you build but rather per tour that is active? You don’t want any “additional” costs for features or functionalities, but you want to know what your cost is each month without breaking the bank! Also, you’re not a Google trusted Photographer, nor do you intent to become one…

Then My360 is the one for you

Their costs are reasonable, they don’t have complicated pricing structures, they are designed for real estate agents and feature (free) call to action buttons to generate the most leads from your virtual tours.

We hope this helped you decide which virtual tour software is best for you. Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section or let us know about the software you are using!


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