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  1. CP3’s legacy as one of the best point guards of his era will be forever tarnished by his accompanying reputation as a cheap shot artist, an annoying little mouthy brat, and a whiner.
  2. With apologies to Wu Tang, Jeannie Buss ain’t nothing to f*ck with — her bros just found that out, and pretty soon the League will too.
  3. The Nurkic-less Blazers lost last night to the gone fishin’ T-Pups; Portland may not have enough juice (with a frontcourt of Meyers Leonard and Aminu) to make it to the post season.
  4. The flip side of the pace and space era is that defensive effort and quick defensive rotations are more important than ever: The Grizz and the Jazz get this, the Pelicans don’t, and therein lies the difference.
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