That’s true mate, but we’re sorta debating semantics with that one.
Henry WC

Full disclosure: I was a big fan of Phil when he was coaching the Bulls and the Lakers. I thought he was ahead of the curve in terms of dealing with players, and his trolling in the media was pretty funny. Also, I am not a real Knicks fan (although the 1969–72 team is one of my favorites), but I was actually excited for the team when they hired him. So I am as disappointed as anyone that his tenure in NY has been a dumpster fire, and now he has (even before the latest trade rumors) hacked off his best young player. I have no issue with KP skipping the exit interview in order to make a point about the direction of the organization; he got his point across without saying a word. KP will show up for the first day of training camp; who else is there is up to Phil, and sadly I don’t think he’s up to it anymore.

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