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In basketball you can’t shut a team out the way you can in football, baseball, hockey and/or soccer. It’s all about keeping the other team below the number of points you can score on offense, so the better you are on offense the less effective you need to be at the other end. That said, even high scoring teams need to make some effort to defend — just ask Mike D’Antoni.

Utah and San Antonio need to defend harder because they don’t have the scoring ability of Houston or the Clippers (to name two). Golden State is the outlier because they can score a ton and they defend their asses off. In a second round matchup with Utah, for example, it is doubtful that the Jazz, even with Gobert and a solid defensive effort, would be able to keep the Warriors’ point total below that which the Jazz would be able to put up against the Warrior defense. Until recently, we all thought that Cleveland could hold G.S. to a score that LeBron, Irving and Love could exceed, but now that looks doubtful.

Oh, and Draymond for DPOY because he can and does guard all 5 positions, something that even Kawhi can’t do.

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