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In what universe has “Moneyball”, which is just a shorthand way of saying “the use of sabermetrics and other analytics to maximize the results from the players that you have or have access to,” been proven to be a “crock of shit”? What Billy Beane did was to encourage his scouts and his staff to stop merely parroting established “logic” and to look for players who were undervalued by the marketplace. Showalter, when provided statistical evidence of the value of batting Davis first, acknowledges it makes sense because “generating high OBP from that lineup spot is “the no. 1 thing” but won’t do it because, um, well, the team that led MLB in home runs last year won’t have any power in the middle of the lineup and Davis’ HRs will be “wasted” while he “clogs” the bases. No sport, not even golf, has more “you kids get offa my lawn” thinking geezers than baseball. The O’s are a fun team to watch; it’s too bad their manager has hardening of the brain arteries.

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