Lets wait and see.
David Drwencke

Thank you for the best rationale for this trade that I have seen. I still hate the trade for the Bulls, mostly because I don’t see Markkanen as an impact player in the NBA. He does not defend well, largely because he is stiff and does not have great lateral movement. This is also part of the reason why he is not a very good rebounder (the rest is lack of aggression). His shooting skills would have justified taking him at the end of the first round, or in the second round, in hopes that he could develop, but there are any number of other players (cough *Malik Monk* cough) that would have been a better fit for Hoiberg’s system. Since the Bulls are already gambling that Lavine will be able to regain his quickness and leaping ability post-ACL, and that Dunn’s poor rookie season was an aberration, gambling on Markkanen as opposed to Monk, Zach Collins, Frankie Smokes, or Dennis Smith is what makes this a bad trade.