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  1. The Celtics won in 1984 by doing a whole bunch of dirty sh*t after they realized that the Lakers were the better team. The league let them get away with it because the Celtics were considered to be the “white” team (Parish, DJ and Cornbread notwithstanding) and the Lakers were considered the “black” team (Rambis and Kupchak notwithstanding).
  2. In the 1989 Finals, Byron Scott missed the entire series, and the Lakers were winning when Magic got hurt early in the third quarter of Game 2. No team with a backcourt of David Rivers and Tony Campbell has ever won an NBA game. This is one of the most tainted titles of all time.
  3. Lame-beer committed approximately 18,000 fouls that weren’t called. No player ever had less justification to b*tch about a foul call than that cheap shot artist.

Fortunately I no longer feel passionate about any of these championships.

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