A day with the Andela Doctors

I know exactly what to tell anyone who is interested in knowing how my day was. It was perfect. Perfect days are not made by the peace of mind and comfort in all we do, mediocrity may creep in. What made today my perfect day was the turbulence and constant friction in my mind. I have been to an Andela Kenya self-learning clinic before, in cohort 10, but the experience today was totally different altogether. Being human, we get influenced by our environment a lot and mine today presented me with tough realities that were hard to stomach.
It is true that the Kenyan education system of which I am a product has instilled a spirit of competition in many young people. There is this fear that gripped me when I reached Andela at 7.45 in the morning and saw very many smart people in one place. However, this is a sight to behold if it is about Andela because here competition is not a common word. I met many people, some did not even take Computer Science courses in the tertiary institutions but had very strong beliefs that they are going to become great developers. My friend David, for instance, studied microbiology but that never mattered at that time because we united by the common desire to change the world through technology. I drew my quick motivation from the drive I saw in people who also knew they were not as good as other people at the clinic but vowed to grow and learn excellence. From the time I met our facilitators and heard that in Andela there is no comparison of people, my head cooled down and I appreciated the huge crowd I saw. That big number now meant more brains to learn from. Soon Andela will my home and family too.
The very obvious change was that the clinic was no longer taking place at the Dojo where I could be met with the familiar faces of fellows that I knew. I must say I missed asking questions of the sleepless nights they went through to be able to join the elite group of world-class software developers. The new place was a serious classroom but the tutors made it lively. I learned much more in 6 hours than I had learned in the whole of last month. A well-arranged curriculum and a growth attitude were all I needed. Halfway through the class I was already fired up and ready to achieve excellence at a level I had never experienced before. The biggest challenge was to learn a concept almost new to me, I had done Test Driven Development before but today, through my teammate Robly, it became a new thing just by the way he did it. This guy just ran his fingers on the keyboard and problems got solved on the screen. I was so amazed but most of all I learned that I could use the function under test to calculate a result for me which I would then compare with the desired result in the test. I also learned that to avoid pushing files we don’t want to, we can use git ignore. This was a problem to me since I have been wondering how someone could avoid pushing their virtual environment. I can remember my facilitator also told me to avoid one-liners for now and keep learning a little longer to avoid making a lot of mistakes. I am so glad I was at the right place at the right time to gain all those important tips.
I know by the end of this first week of the boot camp I shall have gained the necessary knowledge and personal skills required of me to proceed to the next week. I have a belief, that I am headed in the right direction, of becoming a world-class software developer. The learning process has been made bearable by the availability of my team which I can communicate with any time of the day through the Slack platform and I know the got my back just as I got theirs. I have adopted the EPIC Andela values into my personal life too. I want to pursue excellence everything I do. Thank you, Andela.

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