Press On

A new day is like a blank page, I have the opportunity to write what I want as well as correct what I did not do well on the previous page. Today is a blessed one because contrary to convention my energy increases each and every hour through this boot camp week. Of course, there are several tiny moments of lows and highs but the courage I have gained in the last three days renders fear meaningless. Andela flows in my blood. I can’t stop thinking about how life would be if I make it through. How would my git hub activity look like if I adopt this merry life of committing and pushing code? How about the new knowledge I would be feeding my infinite memory daily? Oh, my! The thought of life two weeks from now is overwhelmingly awesome. It is almost like a fairy tale except that here in reality work forms the centre of the whole conversation. Today is another day to dream some more then wake up and push some more code.
It turns out that today’s task of HTTP and WEB is the scariest of all I have done. I have never interacted with APIs before and I feel a little shiver down my spine. The only advantage I have today over this API frog is the thorough mentoring I received from the “Andela Doctors” during the clinic. With curiosity, work begins on my desk, fear evaporates and suddenly I can’t still the voice inside whispering “just do it”. Yeah! That is what Loice told me; “You don’t know it? Just do it!”. I must admit life in front of a computer is quite interesting, it is amazing how many solutions one can come with for a single problem. I first understood the concept of data grabbing from public API using HTTP client libraries then turned to my wonderful crew of geeks on Slack. Here on Slack, there is a lot going on; problems streaming in and solutions responding in combative retaliation. Even before I could ask my “tough” question I found one person I could help in understanding the simple concept I had just learned. And later someone gave me different options of HTTP client libraries to play around with. After a lot of fun experiments here and there, I settled on one which gave me better results. Learning can be fun when one has these three main things: self-belief, a good curriculum, and an awesome crew. These friends are always asking if anyone is stuck so that they can pull them up. It is like a herd of Jumbos quenching their thirst from a muddy river. 
Just to remind you, this is day two of off-site learning and day three of the first week of the boot camp. This is cohort 17 Kenya. What coincidence! My crew and I are joining Andela in the right year and cohort. My friend Geogreen has taught me a lot today. When opened my Slack handle at 8.30 this morning, he was already there waiting for me. It feels so good to know that some people somewhere have got your back. Back to the tasks, it was a less bumpy ride with the lab exercises today because of the analytical and problem-solving skills I have learned in the last few days. I felt like writing the Max-Min program over and over again using different approaches. The dark screen and colourful code snippets serve as my caffeine, and the motivation one gets when a program passes all tests is so intense. This is the life I want to live. I want to solve the hardest of problems in the world and interact with great people who share in my goal. This way I could live knowing I took part in healing the world. Speaking of changing the world, there are some unpleasant changes we face every second. After committing my first lab test, the second one was not a walk in the park. I suddenly realized I did not know how to strip new lines and tabs off a sentence. I wrote the part of the code I could then turned back to my crew and the Internet. The numerous options of how to solve a problem given on the web do not help in the part of choosing which approach to take but work had to be done and that is exactly what I did.
Today my biggest lesson has been persistence and perseverance. I can’t wait to start my next tasks and smile when I am done. Collaboration is my fuel. My whole life and way of doing things are changing. And from now on, life is going to be EPIC

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