This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Maybe we should take a different direction in our fight against this.

Instead of doing the things that avoid/diminish/deprive ourselves of news; possibly, a better tactic would be to turn the advertisers against the media people?

Here’s my scheme:

How about we create wee little algorithms that “click” on each and every ad millions of times. Since each click is paid for and no additional sales are generated the pay-off for the advertiser diminishes. Effectively it becomes less and less profitable to use the media as a viable advertising outlet, the costs to advertise go up but the sales do not. Taken to the extreme it may “force” the media buyer out of that medium.

Perversely, the more we read this sensationalised content the worse the situation for the advertisers becomes.

I’m only scratching the surface; we can fight back.

Have fun with the idea.

Your thoughts?

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