A comprehensive guide with the reasons behind them

In the past few years, I’ve been working with a bunch of different clients, with different strategies. However, I have always heard shockingly similar statements!

If you are working with a UX researcher or wondering what it’s like to be a UX Researcher, then here’s a comprehensive guide to the challenges we face, and the things we are used to hearing all the time.

I have also written the sequel to this blog which is “31 things you shouldn’t say to a UX Designer.

1. “We don’t need a report”

Well, I am not a big fan of reports, analyzing user-research results, and creating reports is often the most time-consuming part of a user-research project. …

Small things matter

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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

What if just a refund of as little as $2.07 could improve your company’s self-image? To my surprise — and hopefully yours — it’s possible. This strategy used by Slack is what makes their company so trustworthy and hence valuable. Just two weeks ago, Slack sent an automatic refund of $2.07 to one of its customers, because they didn’t use all of the slack services that they initially paid for.

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Credit Ryan Neu, CEO of Vendr

The concise and clear email about the refund gives Slack’s clients the feeling of security; that what they are paying for is guaranteed to be what it is represented to be. …

a pretty photo of an ocean with a sun setting on the horizon line
a pretty photo of an ocean with a sun setting on the horizon line
Photo: Erfan Ro via Unsplash

Going against a meat-loving culture as a teenager wasn’t always easy, but I made it…

In the south of Iran, people eat chicken, beef, and lamb every day of the week except for Fridays. Friday is the weekend and weekends are reserved for seafood. In my community, animal sacrifice is an essential part of religious ritual and meat is seen as essential element of any meal. Dairy is also an essential part of the Persian cuisine I grew up with.

It can be difficult to be vegan here.

In early 2006, when I was 14, I watched the documentary Earthlings and fully realized for the first time what meat really was and where it came from. …


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