Being 31 is better than being 21!

This week I turned 31. I and my friend Nima, whom I wrote about in the previous prose, are only 5 days different in age. And before turning 30, last year, we sort of had a pact. I am not sure what is the pact exactly but it is source of inspiration somehow. I guess we are trying to achieve whatever we were just talked about in the previous decade of our lives.
My 20s was not particularly glamorous. I was not sure what I want to do with my life, I was studying in a field that I had no passion for, there were not many girls. I guess the only thing that I can confidently say about my 20s is I had many friends. And it was a good thing. But gradually, I realized my dreams, I am really passionate for what I am doing, and generally I love life more.
I guess it is a famous saying, or I heard it somewhere, that in your 20s you figure things out, and in your 30s you actually do it. And it is exactly how I feel for my 30s. Except! Except, social life. See, professionally I am happy with where I am and I have a general scope of what I want to do in my career. But socially, I haven’t experimented enough. I think one thing I need to do more, is to more social activities. And the reason that I am writing it here to remind myself to actually do it. Anyways, the point is life is good, and it is better than 10 years ago.

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