Because we can.

Back in 2007, Becks arrived in LA to “bend it like” for Los Angeles Galaxy. The ultimate mission? Bringing soccer stateside. He came, he played, he endorsed. He even got Snoop and his brood on the field, making a lifer out of tha Dogg. And now? David (ahem) is retired, kickin’ it in places like Marrakech for his big 4–0. And Snoop Dogg? By now, he’s a lion.

New York, this is our chance. The NYCFC just kicked off their inaugural season at Yankee Stadium, U.S. soccer super-fandom is up for grabs, and it’s in our DNA to make things happen. Perfect storm. Need more convincing? Here’s why soccer and the city are a natural match.

First, #goals. Soccer wants them, New Yorkers love to have them. Guys, google “Cristiano Ronaldo workout” and “David Beckham street style.” Now you have two. Head-to-toe tone, balletic grace, rugged around the edges… oh, you just won at man fitness.

Physique not pictured. Because we know.

And it only takes a quick glance across various states of “casual Beckham” for style inspo to set in. There’s something for everyone: ink, manscaping, H&M pjs that fit like they’re tailored, even awkward things like paperboy hats, and topical pieces like Yeezy Boosts.

Street style not pictured. Because.

Ladies, there’s something for you in this. Like, all of the above in single, dateable packages, right? No. Two words: Alex Morgan. Natural bad-assery. NYC approved.

Yeah, I know. Ain’t no thing.

Two more: Victoria Beckham. Wait. Did we just suggest the role of “football wife”? Nope. We suggested that if soccer takes off in NYC, odds are higher that you too might someday find yourself one-half of a power couple with a player and, you know, run your own empire on the side. Very NYC approved.

Oh, bye! I’ve got things.

Another thing? We have manners in common. A collective SMH every time we’re voted “rudest” city… We know better. Etiquette and sportsmanship are applauded, nay, revered in the realm of soccer. Now is not the time to google “Arsenal fans go mad!” Instead, check out any number of YouTube supercuts with unironic titles like “Beautiful Moments” or “Respect & Emotions.” So many feels. A lack of bravado is the smart way to indicate that you’re worthy of bravado. Soccer players. They’re just like us.

On-field feels. So real.
Off-field feels. Also real.

Finally, soccer loves their heroes. So does NYC. Now we have NYCFC’s David Villa in common. That’s right — our very own David. You know what to do. Get on that field for pre-match warm-ups and give him an Empire welcome.

And DV’s gonna be like…
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