How to Fix Compile Error in Hidden Module QuickBooks?

3 min readMar 4, 2024

Compile error in hidden module when using QuickBooks can be annoying many times as they interrupt your work operations in between. A common scenario is when using QuickBooks and Excel integration, you encounter compilation errors related to hidden modules as the M.S Excel version is outdated. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to fix his QuickBooks compile error with hidden module. Hidden module compilation errors typically occur when code is incompatible with the application’s version, platform and architecture of the application. For further queries and assistance, you can call directly to our tech support team and ask for a helping hand. To reach out to us dial +1–844–499–6700.

What are the causes of Hidden Module Compile Error in QuickBooks?

· MS Excel and QuickBooks may be out of date.

· The version of Excel that is set up on your system may not be compatible with QuickBooks.

· You have certain add-ons set up that are not compatible with QuickBooks.

· Microsoft Office files may be corrupted or infected with a virus.

· Company file may be corrupted or partially corrupted.

· The antivirus application installed on the system may be preventing Client Ready reports from being sent.

What are the Solutions to Resolve Compile Error in Hidden Module?

Below we have listed the solution with their respective steps to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Update QuickBooks to the latest version.

· First, right-click the QuickBooks icon and click run as administrator.

· Go to the Help tab in QuickBooks.

· Next, click Update QuickBooks Desktop.

· Click the checkmark in the Reset Updates box and click the Get Updates tab.

· After the update process completes successfully, restart QuickBooks so that the updates are installed automatically.

· Simply click Yes on the on-screen prompt asking you to consent to the update process.

· Once completed, try exporting the client-facing report to Excel again.

Method 2: Update Excel

· Go to Microsoft’s official website anddownload the latest version of Microsoft Office that is compatible with your operating system.

Below is another alternative approach.

· Perform M.S. Excel.

· Go to the File menu.

· Click Update Options.

· Finally, click on the Update Now option.

· Once completed, retry the export process.

Method 3: Resort the List

· Go to the List menu and select Class List.

· Select the list to resort.

· Click the Include Inactive box.

· Next, click on the View menu.

· Click on the Resort List option.

· Then click OK, close and reopen the company file.


Fixing QuickBooks compilation error for hidden module requires a systematic approach. By following the correct set of steps and taking precautions, you can fix the CompileError in Hidden Module QuickBooks.If you need our technical assistance at any point in time, then in that scenario, connect with our technical support team at +1–844–499–6700, and our certified QuickBooks professionals will help you get rid of such errors immediately in QuickBooks.




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