Meet the Railgun!

CloudFlare’s Railgun is a web optimization technology which allows to accelarate connection between origin server and the CloudFlare network. The solution can speed up a web page of over 700%! But although these assets, there are also some drawbacks.

With Railgun, the connection between an origin server and the CloudFlare network is selected to be as fast as possible. The solution compresses previously uncacheable web object and speeding up the web. Where is the key to efficiency? As we can read on CloudFlare’s website:

Railgun uses a new caching mechanism based on comparing page versions to determine what needs to be transmitted across the Internet to the Railgun Sender. Using this mechanism CloudFlare is able to achieve typical 99.6% compression (taking, for example, a 100k web page down to 400 bytes) and aspeedup of over 700%. In fact, the compressed data is often so small that using the binary Railgun protocol the entire response fits inside a single TCP packet.

The connection scheme with CloudFlare

But there is no rose without a thorn. The main drawback of Railgun is a fact that you can launched default only one instance of Railgun. You cannot also run Railgun for specific subdomains, but only for all records in a domain. So if you use subdomains, using Railgun could be a little problematic.

Railgun is available in Business and Enterprise plans — at this levels you can use also many additional optimization and security tools, delivered by CloudFlare. And what’s your experience with using Railgun?


faster web page load times

achieves 99.6% compression ratio

works for all websites, including dynamic sites


default you can launch only one instance of Railgun

cannot run Railgun for specific subdomains, but only for all records in a domain

the soultion is available in premium plans

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