Important cPanel features you must understand

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Feb 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Cpanel is a common term in web hosting niche.It is the control panel that stands responsible for file management, account security, and lots of other functions. It is the graphical user interface along with automation tool for simplifying the process of hosting a web site. Cpanel with its 3-tier feature is built with several user friendly features , which is important to know.


Under this feature of Cpanel, multiple communication podiums and settings are accessible, including the flexibility of creating business email account and deletion, email messaging, email forwarding, email filtering, filter creation, and automatic spam blocking are a few that deserve special mention.

File Management:

The file management feature off Cpanel organizes entire information on a website on the server, so that file management becomeseasy and user friendly. Multiple domains, formation of subdomains, right of entry to FTP servers, backup of file, and disk space data are some of the most notable advantages of this Cpanbrl features.

Domain management:

Cpanel has impeccable website controlling Controlling , which have made website controlling easy and user friendly. The prime advantages of this features are adding on domains, sub domains, parked domains, and smooth management of redirecting command. Domain management has made easier with this feature.Domain management gets easier with Cpanel.

Script Editing:

Script editing feature of cPanel is a versatile feature that enables controlling power on Blogs, online chats, shopping carts, forums,as well as other related features. Understanding script editing feature of cPanel helps in doing these editing management.

The cPanel Advantage

There are several advantages of Cpanel features which are the reason behind its wide acceptance and popularity. These advantageous features are:

  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Simple and user friendly Portability
  • Easy Affordability
  • Multi Feature-packed
  • Knowledge-based therefore scope of improvisation is there.


Understanding the Cpanel features is a definite advantage for its users.With advanced learning ability, Cpanel can be used with better innovative ways and with better scale of intuitiveness. Understanding its features is a definite way to add better user experience in website management. However, there are more features of Cpanel, which experience web developers can use at their advantage.

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