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What is SSL and howdoes it works?

The Secure Sockets Layer shelters data transferred over http using encryption enabled by a server’s SSL Certificate.

How does it works?An SSL Certificate contains two types of keys: public key and a private key. A public key is used to encrypt information and a private key is used to interpret it.

When a browser points to a secured domain, an SSL graspand verify the server and establishes an encryption method with a unique session key. They can begin a locked session that assure a message of privacy and message honesty.

So Choosing the best and most reliable SSL certificates provider available might be a matter of trust and difficult to get. You may be getting a provider that gives out low-priced certificates but are not known and secured. So you should take a look at the level of service that your provider is giving you with efficient customer service

Is your website not secured?

We are here to make your website secure and help your customer feel safe and secured when they land on your website. We further make you stand ahead to make any online transaction safe with your site.

We are one of the trusted and authorized providers of SSL certificate in India, our SSL services ensure you are trusted as a rightful and trustworthy business that protects customer privacy with high assurance SSL certificates.

Let’s Discuss

1. SSL provides safely accepted credit card transactions on your site

(Up to 256-bit encryption for highest protection of your website visitors’ data)

2. It helps to Boost your website’s in Google search ranking.

(SSL certificates are significant in boosting SEO rankings across Google)

3. Secured website will help to Boost customer confidence

(Increase your customer’s faith in your business by assuring them their personal data is well cosseted)

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Our main goal is your security and With Hostingsafety you get cost effective and standard SSL certificates to secure the most important information.

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