Two crucial reason to choose dedicated hosting

It is quite common in the competitive world that large businesses need more resources like bandwidth and server CPU that shared and other hosting are not able to provide. So now let’s understand what dedicated hosting is and what can it do for your business.

Dedicated Hosting: The dedicated hosting is most secured hosting with complete control over the hardware and software of the server without being shared to other servers. However, dedicated Hosting is comparatively expensive but very advantageous for large enterprise demand for huge traffic. It further gives you more reliability and stability over shared and virtual hosting.

Total Control:

An excellent benefit of dedicated hosting is it provide complete control of a web server which eliminates the restrictions on installing any operating systems and programs on your website. As compared to the shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows you to use your web server’s CPU and memory all to yourself, you won’t need to share these resources.

Security and Privacy: Since dedicated web hosting enables you to manage your server on your own, it gives a sense of security and privacy. It also gives you the ability of managing your server without performing administrative task which is known as managed dedicated hosting.

Criteria that demands dedicated hosting

If you have plan to start a new business / website that requires improved performance

You have already own a project that was shared hosted and now grew so much that demands additional RAM features and more performance.

If you are the owner of a large company that require to have complete control over your own server.

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