Types of Web Hosting

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May 17, 2018 · 3 min read

With the help of Web Hosting, an individual or an organization publishes their website on the internet. The service provider of web hosting who are also known as the web hosts provide the needful services and technologies in order to make the website or the webpage look perfect on internet. Special computers named as servers store or host these websites. When anyone desires to view your website, the website address or domain has to be typed into their browser. Then connection will be established between your server and web pages and the webpage will be opened through the browser. You are required to own domain when you go to hosting company. If you don’t have one, the company will help to choose and purchase one domain. There are so many companies who provide cheap java hosting in India with best cheap hosting plans in India.

  • Types of Web Hosting Services:-

Majorly web hosting can be categorized in two manners- one is based upon the setup of the servers and the other one is upon the access you have with the servers. The type of web hosting are- Free Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, Collocation hosting, Self-service hosting.

  • Free Web Hosting: — Nothing comes for free and here also don’t think you will get free hosting from these providers. Actually with free web hosting, technically you have to create page for the website owned by some other individual and not for your own website.
  • Shared Hosting: — Shared hosting is ideal for the small websites because they have less traffic. This is the cheapest option that can provide you with your own domain.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: — VPS hosting is just the better version of Shared Hosting. This is very balanced in terms of everything including cost. Fast VPS hosting for trading is popular for those traders who want to upgrade their website from the traditional Shared one. Here also space is required to be shared with other users but the method is different from the shared hosting. Affordable and Cheap VPS hosting in India are those which are of low-end.
  • Dedicated Server hosting: — Dedicated Server hosting lets you work without the worry of other websites hogging up the resources. But as you re alone here, you are the only responsible behind every fault from faulty coding to problematic website. There are many reputed dedicated servers in India who let you customize your website in your own way. If you search and want affordable services, you can also find some cheap dedicated hosting server in India.
  • Cloud Hosting: — Cloud hosting is very much similar to that of VPS hosting. Only here you get the opportunity to make even gigantic website without any interruption and without going out if resources.
  • Collocation Hosting: — You have to buy your own server and take space in rack of datacenter in rent to use their bandwidth for collocation hosting. It is quite similar to dedicated hosting.
  • Self-Service Web Hosting: — You have done everything on your own in this form of hosting. From installation and configuration of software to ensuring the backups and so many more tasks have to be essentially done by you.

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