Why I hate your Single Page App
Stefan Tilkov

Perfect Article, it'’s exactly my opinion about all this SPA bullshit!!!

First of all, I think that's time to rethink all this "Web applications" thing. IMHO the web and web browsers are invented to "browse the web" and not to built applications, the "browser as platform" gain audience just because at the time there is no alternative to client/server applications deployment, and the world begin to use the browsers as alternatives to deployment problems of client/server applications.

But today, mainly because the mobile world, we can GO BACK and do things the right way, let's back to develop CLIENT NATIVE APPLICATIONS and let the browsers to "browse the web", let's use the browser to built web sites, blogs, news, etc

We have today many technologies to use to build native apps on the desktop, like JavaFX, Windows Apps, Apple Swift, etc. We don't have deployment problems anymore, we have STORES, and we have INTERNET, from what we can do automatic updates to apps, it's all there.

And for the last argument, the user NEVER NEVER NEVER in my 20 years of experience, choose a web app instead of a native app, just look what is going on on mobile, the "web apps" are loosing great from "native apps".

We need to stop trying to "simulate" native apps on the browser, just write native apps.

Just my 0.02 cents.

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