7 Best Poetry Apps for Every Poetry Lover

For poetry lovers, stumbling on exciting poems or rereading your favorites is a welcome pastime. But schedule or circumstance doesn’t always allow some leisurely browsing. These mobile apps are here to place poetry a bit closer to you. Whether you’re bored at home or in the middle of a commute, your phone is a constant presence. These 7 apps make reading just as accessible, convenient, and entertaining wherever you are.

Available for iOS and Android
With the Commaful app, reading poetry becomes a whole new and different experience. Each work is told through an interactive picture book format that you can access all for free. Forget the real world for a while and immerse yourself into poetry with its beautiful visuals.
Because Commaful hosts thousands of writers, the app offers you a great variety of fiction to choose from. Not only that, the app lets you post your own poems and other fiction works directly through mobile. The Commaful app makes it easy and efficient to share your thoughts and connect with other writers and poetry members of the community. The Commaful app is an all-around experience that only makes you love poetry even more.

Available for iOS and Android
The Poetry Foundation established its Poetry Magazine way back in 1912 and for decades it has introduced and fostered significant poets of the 20th and 21st centuries to its ever-growing audience. Now with the Poetry magazine app, print subscribers have access to the digital versions of the issues. Just like flipping through a physical copy, you swipe to move through the pages while having the added convenience of searching through keywords and thumbnails. Poetry also lets you save articles you enjoy or would want to read later.
For non-subscribers, the app offers a few free issues but there’s always an affordable subscription option for unlimited access to well-curated poetry and insightful features.

Available for iOS and Android
Now with the POETRY Mobile, anybody can have their own mobile poetry library. The app contains hundreds of classic and contemporary poems that you can bring with you. We all know poetry lovers have got their favorite, unforgettable lines and you can easily search them from POETRY Mobile’s collection. You can also save poems to read later and share through social media.
When you’re indecisive or a new poetry lover still unsure, you can use POETRY Mobile’s special feature. Just shake your phone and your mobile poetry library rounds up new selections that can fit any mood. With its clean and smooth system, POETRY Mobile is great for beginning poetry lovers to explore and learn.

Available for iOS and Android
The Poetry Hours app is designed by the Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation to enrich your poetry experience through readings of great classic poems by world-renowned artists. With the app, you can personally enjoy all of these with the convenience of your phone. You can read introductions and essays written by Josephine Hart, a pioneer in publishing, herself that expands your knowledge of the world of poetry. The app also contains hundreds of poems from 16 greatest poets such as Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, and more.
Now the best feature of The Poetry Hours is the narrations and performances available for all the poems. You can listen to Eddie Redmayne or Rosamund Pike read aloud timeless poetry directly to your ears and hearts. This app is perfect for any aural poetry lovers and provides a memorable introduction for anybody curious about poetry.

Available on iOS, Android, and AppGallery
The Wattpad app rewraps the world’s most loved social storytelling site to handheld size while still holding its millions of fictional content and incredible writers for you. With the app, you can take your stories everywhere. Through its recommendations, categories, and search bar, you can freely explore the far-flung corners of original works and discover poetry that is fresh, rare, and personal.
With its global community, the Wattpad app can introduce you to poems in other languages, featuring other cultures, and written by international poets that you can connect and interact with. The works you find and enjoy can be saved to your device and synced to others using your account which makes for a seamless reading experience.
Most of all, the Wattpad app lets you write and share your poems on the go where other poets and even publishers and producers can appreciate your work. The app fits the needs of seasoned poetry lovers looking for unique and undiscovered content.

Available on iOS and Android
If you’re a poetry lover looking to practice writing, Poet Assistant is here to serve. The app, first and foremost, works offline. When you’re on the go or somewhere with poor cell service, you don’t need an internet connection to work on your poetry. Poet Assistant makes writing easy and handy with its simple design and workspace.
The app offers various functions such as a rhyming dictionary that sources the Carnegie Mellon University for pronunciation and a thesaurus and dictionary for any of your wordy needs. Poet Assistant also lives up to its name through the text-to-speech option that reads your poems back to you. This offline app is the perfect reliever for your creativity and inspiration.

Available on iOS and Android
The Reddit app makes poetry writing personal and constructive. The app minimizes the thousands of forums, or subreddits, for ease of use where you can focus on topics that you want and need. Reddit is known to create a dedicated and passionate community, following, and content. For poetry lovers, you can find those in:

  • r/Poetry, the big umbrella where you can share your favorite published poems and discover other’s
  • r/OCPoety, where you can post your original content and explore what other contemporary poets are writing
  • r/poetry_critics, if you want to test your writing skill and receive feedback for your work, and comment your own constructive criticism

With the Reddit app, you can find answers, solutions, and perspectives to any of your poetry needs and access them anytime through the convenience of your phone. Most of all, the app houses a poetry-loving community where you can interact and experience a different level of poetry. With the app, appreciating poetry becomes a lifestyle.
If you would like to grow your taste in poetry, here are some niche subreddits:

  • r/haiku, for your quick yet powerful 5–7–5
  • r/PoetrySlam, for rhythmic and impactful poetry that goes beyond written words

Experienced poetry lovers will enjoy the Reddit app to the fullest where they can flex their knowledge and explore what else the poetry world can offer.

In the end…

For poetry lovers, a single poem can make the biggest difference. Now with these 7 apps, you have unlimited and convenient access to poems that you love and poems that are only waiting to be discovered. Poetry lovers can also be poets and these apps make that come true with helpful functions and a sharing platform. Most of all, appreciation for poetry shouldn’t be experienced alone. With these apps on your phone, you can connect and consistently interact with other poetry lovers all over the world. Now go forth, and rhyme!



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