7 Best Poetry Apps for Every Poetry Lover

For poetry lovers, stumbling on exciting poems or rereading your favorites is a welcome pastime. But schedule or circumstance doesn’t always allow some leisurely browsing. These mobile apps are here to place poetry a bit closer to you. Whether you’re bored at home or in the middle of a commute, your phone is a constant presence. These 7 apps make reading just as accessible, convenient, and entertaining wherever you are.


Poetry Magazine


The Poetry Hours


Poet Assistant


  • r/Poetry, the big umbrella where you can share your favorite published poems and discover other’s
  • r/OCPoety, where you can post your original content and explore what other contemporary poets are writing
  • r/poetry_critics, if you want to test your writing skill and receive feedback for your work, and comment your own constructive criticism

With the Reddit app, you can find answers, solutions, and perspectives to any of your poetry needs and access them anytime through the convenience of your phone. Most of all, the app houses a poetry-loving community where you can interact and experience a different level of poetry. With the app, appreciating poetry becomes a lifestyle.
If you would like to grow your taste in poetry, here are some niche subreddits:

  • r/haiku, for your quick yet powerful 5–7–5
  • r/PoetrySlam, for rhythmic and impactful poetry that goes beyond written words

Experienced poetry lovers will enjoy the Reddit app to the fullest where they can flex their knowledge and explore what else the poetry world can offer.

In the end…

For poetry lovers, a single poem can make the biggest difference. Now with these 7 apps, you have unlimited and convenient access to poems that you love and poems that are only waiting to be discovered. Poetry lovers can also be poets and these apps make that come true with helpful functions and a sharing platform. Most of all, appreciation for poetry shouldn’t be experienced alone. With these apps on your phone, you can connect and consistently interact with other poetry lovers all over the world. Now go forth, and rhyme!

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